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DAW I/O with the quality and value you expect from SSL

Good quality I/O is an essential element of a great sounding studio and you can rely on SSL I/O to help you capture great recordings, to have confidence in the accuracy of your monitoring and to get the best from an analogue console or summing system. The XLogic I/O Range delivers excellent audio conversion, versatile high channel count digital audio interfaces and an innovative solution for sharing audio between multiple recording areas and control rooms. SSL I/O is the perfect partner for Pro Tools®, Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton, Sonar and all major Digital Audio Workstations on both Mac and Windows operating systems. No matter which DAW or computer platform you choose, SSL I/O offers outstanding performance and value.

The XLogic I/O Range consists of four different Alpha-Link A-D/D-A converters which can be used as stand-alone converters or combined with our MadiXtreme, MX4 or Delta-Link MADI audio interfaces and the ground breaking MADI-X8 multi room audio router/splitter/aggregator.

SSL Alpha-Link MX

Alpha-Link MX

Pro audio converters for project studios

SSL Alpha-Link

Alpha-Link AX & SX

Industry leading audio converters

SSL MadiXtreme


Lossless MADI digital audio interface cards

SSL Delta-Link MADI HD

Delta-Link MADI HD

Pro Tools HD® to MADI digital audio interface



Multi room MADI audio distribution



MADI interface with an SSL software mixer

SSL I/O is in use in conjunction with our large format consoles in commercial and private studios around the world, is widely used by film and TV composers and in classical recording environments. SSL I/O has become an industry leader anywhere that high channel count, high quality audio capture and reproduction is valued. The new Alpha-Link MX range brings SSL's proven quality to a new environment with a 16-4, 4-16 channel configuration that is ideally suited to the project studio.

SSL I/O is extremely versatile. It makes extensive use of MADI multi channel digital audio transmission over Fibre Optic cable. MADI transmits up to 64 channels of audio down a single optical cable for up to 1.3 miles/2kM. It has Near Zero Latency and delivers fully transparent Audio Distribution without any degradation of the Audio Signal.