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SSL C-Play - Dual player cart style audio playout built into the console surface


Integrated spot and music Playout system.

The C-Play system embeds a fully functional spot and music Playout system into the C100 HD PLUS and C10 HD PLUS broadcast consoles. Audio file Playout systems for spots and music are an essential part of everyday broadcast operations. Until now, broadcasters have been faced with sourcing dedicated Playout systems and preparing console Project and Playout systems individually. C-Play offers the broadcaster sophisticated fully featured Playout functionality with the significant ergonomic and workflow advantages of an embedded system, with console hardware control and where all Playout settings are recalled as part of a console Project.

C-Play is a dual player system with one 5.1 player and one stereo player which can be independently assigned to any console channel. Once assigned the Channel Info screens show currently selected Cut, duration and playback status, including time remaining and end warning flash. Audio files are stored in a shared network location with bulk import capability streamlining import from a craft editor or library. A comprehensive Cut Creation interface facilitates non destructive editing where a single source file can be used to create multiple Cuts with trimming of Start/End points, Fade In/Out and a sophisticated Loop Play system. A dedicated Playlist creation interface streamlines the assembly of cuts into Playlists. Playlists have comprehensive one shot, sequential or automated playback and advanced playback controls including crossfades and playlist looping.

Each Player has three different playback control options; ‘C-Play’ mode provides a list view enabling fast intuitive location and start/stop/retrigger of individual Cuts via a combination of touchscreen and hardware encoder, ‘FreePlay’ mode provides a 16 button touchscreen interface where multiple Cuts can be triggered simultaneously (the 16 touch triggers can be assigned to a single player or split in to two sets of 8 buttons), ‘PlayList’ mode uses the list view interface for location, selection and start/stop/retrigger of Playlists. In addition to the touchscreen control, playback can be controlled using Fader Start for hands on operator control or assigned to GPI control for triggering via a wide range of external devices or Automation systems.

All Cut, Playlist and Assignment options are project based so when your console Project is recalled your entire Playout system is also recalled, dramatically streamlining turnaround between shows.

Options Include;

  • Embeds Spot & Music Playout system into console surface
  • Project based settings aid fast show turnaround
  • Two independent ‘Players’ :: one 5.1 and one stereo
  • Channel Info display of selected Cut, duration and playback status
  • Files are stored on networked storage drive with bulk import support
  • Fast intuitive combination of touch screen and hardware encoder operation
  • Playback control from touch screen, hardware encoder, fader start or GPI
  • Three player modes;
    • ‘C-Play’ mode; fast intuitive individual Cut selection and triggering via touchscreen and hardware encoder
    • ‘FreePlay’; 16 touch screen buttons for random access to 16 files simultaneously
    • ‘PlayList’; fast intuitive playlist selection and triggering via touchscreen and hardware encoder
  • Cut Creation interface enables non destructive Start, Stop, Fade and Loop settings independent of source file