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LiveEdit enables a broadcaster to manipulate pass-through channels on the fly by setting a delay from the time of recording to playout. The delay can be as short as five minutes to several hours allowing time for the removal of unwanted content and the addition and/or the addition of informative and pre-prepared content. Where permitted, advertising material can be replaced with local content, or culturally unacceptable material can be edited out.

Using many of the tools from PPT, the edit screen provides a ‘record time’, a ‘lock time’ and a ‘playout time’, which requires the editor to monitor and maintain a ‘zero time’ where the amount of material taken out must be replaced. The dynamic playout capabilities of LiveEdit mean that editors need not keep such a close eye on zero time because material can be added or removed as little as a minute from broadcast if required. With LiveEdit, users can maintain sufficient edit time while remaining as close to live as possible. The application is ideal for sports programming where advertising regulations can be maintained to their best effect.

LiveEdit enables “Retro loop ingest” in which a feed can be in pass-through with full confidence monitoring and record can be trigged after an event has passed through the encoder.

Integrated within a Gravity MAM, multi-channel LiveEdit systems can utilize centralised, secure and fully redundant storage and access to shared media assets.