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Gravity PPT (Package Production Tool – Editor)

PPT (Package Production Tool – Editor)

The Gravity PPT is the desktop edit client and main user interface for the system. It allows the user to collect material assigned to them, browse for additional media, edit , enhance metadata and publish material out. The extent of the control the user has depends on the privilege level authorized. It is designed for quick use and not as an alternative to ‘craft’ editors such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro (FCP).

The user editing screen enables access to assigned media and to a range of editing tools to enable a completed clip to be published to an output decoder in preparation for transmission. User preferences can be set to define the user layout.

Edit operations are carried out at proxy level and conformed, seamlessly, in the background upon completion of the edit or publish operation. This leaves the editor or journalist to return to the next task or project. The editing interface is available as a desktop application.

The main components of the software are: Media Browser, Source window, Edit window, Timeline, Search window and Metadata information.

The media browser is a scrollable window which supports multiple views to the rich media assets. It works in a very similar way the GAM browse window described above, as does the Source Video window. Any bookmarks, mark-in and mark-out points previously made will appear. The Edit video window acts in the same way as the Source window but shows media that has been appended to the timeline and is therefore a view of the edited clip. The Timeline pane contains all the edit controls for desktop edit operations. The timeline will be familiar to anyone who has used an editor before. It is also designed to be simple enough for non-edit staff to pick up and use effectively.

The PPT is designed as a simple 2D edit application but also contains a full range of edit functionality found in higher level craft editors. A range of effects and transitions can also be installed. The following functionality is available for edit operations. Many will be understood by editors or quickly leant.

Source selection Drag and drop
Track protection Bookmark
Undo Sub-clip and daughter clips
Cut Abstracts
Paste Fit to fill (4 point edit)
Delete Copy audio
Append Rubber banding (audio)
Move Audio level control
Insert Slate
Overlay Insert black
Replace Insert freeze
Three point edit Graphic overlay
Trim (manual) Motion effects (slo-mo, speed-up)
Trim (advanced) Go to timecode
Splice Increment/decrement timecode
Slip (re-align audio with video) Frame forward / reverse
Slide Match frame
Split Pixilate
Join Fade in/out
Splice-in Titles
Remove gap Dissolves
Link / unlink Export EDL
Fit to fill (4 point edit)