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Gravity Surgical Recorder (M-GSR)

Surgical Recorder (M-GSR)

M-GSR is a standalone application sold with hardware for use in surgical suites, specifically developed for use with endoscopes. It can record up to three inputs at once and keep them in sync on playback. It records in HD (DVI) the outputs of the endoscope camera and an Operating Room overview camera as well as, via software encoding, a H.263 video conference feed using VC1 codec. Video or still image record can be activated by the surgeon using a Crestron controller which instructs the M-GSR via RS232. The images can be browsed subsequently and audio and typed notes can be added while recording or subsequently. A tailored UI requires the OR team to enter patient data before a recording can be made; all files are time stamped.

M-GSR includes a web server and is supplied with licenses for ten simultaneous users who can monitor the procedure in real time. The software also has an MCU interface for videoconferencing and can display three images, the two cameras and the video conference output.

Although M-GSR is a standalone unit, it can also be integrated into a Gravity MAM to enable central archiving, media asset management and access for patient records as well as serving needs in teaching hospitals. A web server can be added to allow multiple users to access archived.