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Frequency specific phase control

SSL's SuperAnalogueTM console and processing hardware is renowned for exceptionally accurate audio imaging, especially with low and high end frequencies when compared to other manufacturers. One of the key reasons why this is the case is that when tested, SSL analogue circuits tend to have a much wider frequency spectrum with near linear phase response and a much smaller phase shift in frequencies at the extremes of the spectrum. So for example an SSL analogue summing bus would typically have a linear phase response between around 100 Hz and 10 kHz with a maximum phase shift of only 45 degrees between signals all the way from 50 Hz up to 50 kHz. Other devices like EQ circuits will of course have different phase response across the frequency spectrum. There is a more detailed explanation of this in the X-Phase user guide. Phase cohesiveness is therefore a significant part of what gives SSL its sonic distinction and a key element to why great engineers who understand the importance of phase when recording and mixing find it easier to craft great mixes using our technology. Fixing phase problems in recorded material can be a challenge that is not easily addressed using EQ, Delay or simple phase inversion, which is where X-Phase comes in.

X-Phase is an All-pass Filter plug-in that offers the user manual control and high quality response. It enables the user to apply a phase shift (sometimes called a phase offset) at a specified frequency within a signal. Unlike other filter types where the gain of selected frequencies is altered, with an All-pass Filter the gain remains unchanged throughout the signal. This is useful for fixing phase problems with microphones when recording: eg overheads causing phase problems when mixed with close mic's. X-Phase can also be used to create a comb filter by applying a filtered signal to an unfiltered version of the same signal. With X-Phase the controls are simple: a Frequency control selects the desired frequency where a phase offset needs to be applied, a Q control sets the slope of the curve of correction to be applied across the signal and a phase invert button enables the phase of the filter to be flipped 180 degrees.

A separate Delay section is applied to the entire signal for broader time alignment of the signal. The Delay controls consist of a delay control which can be set to display and adjust in seconds, milliseconds, samples, metres or feet and a set of buttons for fine tuning.

The overall plug-in can be set to adjust either L, R or both L&R. X-Phase can be automated via standard DAW Automation data and has A&B Preset 'slots' with an A/B switch for easy comparison of two different combinations of settings. There are Input and Output Meters with Input and Output Level controls.

Key Features:

  • Frequency specific phase control
  • Frequency and Q controls
  • Delay setting in a range of formats
  • L, R or L&R operation
  • A&B Preset switch for settings comparison
  • Full DAW automation for all controls

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