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Rik Simpson Interview
SSL Matrix User Rik Simpson
Rik Simpson, Coldplay's producer, invites us to the band's North London studio to talk about how he records them, and about his long history with SSL, from working with the G Series as a fifteen-year-old to using the Matrix today.
Jordan Tischler Interview @ Digital Bear
SSL Matrix User Jordan Tischler at Digital Bear
Producer Jordan Tischler, from Digital Bear Entertainment in Boston, gives us his views on in-the-box vs analogue mixing, summing and monitoring on the Matrix, using recall with the X-Rack... and the SSL sound.
Johnny McDaid Interview
SSL Matrix - Johnny McDaid Interview
Songwriter and producer Johnny McDaid talks about his work with artists such as U2, Paul van Dyk and Carina Round, his love of SSL consoles, his transition from in-the-box to mixing in groups on the Matrix... and the songwriting process.
Jerry Boys Interview
SSL Matrix - Jerry Boys Interview
Legendary producer Jerry Boys talks about his long career, including working with The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and the Buena Vista Social Club, and tells us how he likes to use the Matrix and X-Rack in his home mixing studio.
The Timbaland Tour Bus
SSL Matrix - Timbaland Tour Bus
Take a detailed tour of Timbaland's sensational tour bus, complete with acoustically treated, mobile recording studio, and listen to Antony Fernandez from Pro Audio Nerds talk about his favourite features of the Matrix and X-Rack.
Steve Booker Interview
SSL Matrix User Steve Booker
Producer and songwriter Steve Booker talks about his career, most recently with Duffy, Alexandra Burke and Westlife, and how he uses the Matrix and X-Racks in his home studio 'for the punch'.
Danja & Marcella Interview
SSL Matrix Users Danja & Marcella
Production partners Nate Hills (aka Danja) and Marcella Araica talk about their studio, their work with artists like Timbaland, Britney Spears, Usher and Justin Timberlake... and how the Matrix helps them with the creative process.
South Beach Studios Interview
South Beach Studios
Joe Galdo, President of South Beach Studios in Florida, and Studio Manager Hart Guther, talk about their how they use the Matrix and X-Racks in Studio B.
Timbaland Interview
Timbaland Interview
Timbaland, aka Tim Mosley, producer, songwriter and rapper, talks about why he was one of the first producers to buy the Matrix and why he thinks 'it's the best'.

Lego Studio video series

'The Lego Studio' is a series of videos demonstrating the sound of the XLogic SuperAnalogue™ range which delivers SSL large format console technology in a range of outboard processors and small consoles designed for professional project studios. These videos are not product tours, they feature audio examples which explore the tonal characteristics of the range and the differences between some of the flavours of processing available within the range.

To fully appreciate what these videos are about you need to download our pack of audio examples supplied in 24bit/48kHz .WAV files