Soundscape V7

Soundscape Upgrades

A range of options are available for existing Soundscape owners to Upgrade to Soundscape V7. They are available exclusively from the SSL Online Store.

Upgrade Eligibility

This Upgrade scheme will be available to all users of:

a) Valid (non upgraded) Mixtreme/Mixtreme 192 cards

b) Valid (non upgraded) Mixpander 5/9 Power Packs (or SSL Mixpander 5 cards)

c) Valid (non upgraded) Users of any Soundscape System: SSHDR1, SSHDR1+, R.Ed16/24/32 and SS16/32 Systems

To quality for an Upgrade you will need to provide us with evidence of your existing Soudscape system ownership by registering your system in your SSL User Profile. During registration you will need to provide the Unique ID Number (formerly called DSP SN) for your hardware unit. The registration facility will become available when Soundscape V6 ships (currently scheduled for May 2010).

Note; Hardware units which have previously been upgraded will not be eligible for an upgrade, EG if you previously upgraded an SSHDR1 to a Soundscape 32 your SSHDR1 is not eligible but your Soundscape 32 is.