Duende Native SSL console grade processing for your DAW.

SSL Console Grade Processing For Your DAW

The Duende Native Plug-in suite is a collection of audio processing tools which bring SSL's renowned superior audio quality, sophistication and benchmark performance within reach of all DAW users. Duende plug-ins provide the precision, advanced feature set and legendary tonal characteristics of SSL audio products in affordable AAX Native/VST/AU/RTAS plug-in form. They are the easiest way to get your hands on essential tools that can help you create professional productions.

Duende Native plug-ins are available individually and as bundles from the SSL web store.

There are now 10 plug-ins in the Duende Native collection:

EQ & Dynamics Channel

Classic SSL Console Channel Strip

Precision parametric EQ, Dynamics and Filters with the unique SSL sound.

The EQ & Dynamics Channel delivers the classic tone and features of an SSL console channel strip. The EQ is a classic 4-band design with parametric LMF & HMF sections and shelving LF & HF sections (LF & HF switch to Bell). The whole EQ can be switched between E & G Series characteristics and can be applied to the dynamics side chain. The Dynamics section offers separate Compressor and Gate/Expanders. The Compressor can be switched between soft and hard knee. Both the Compressor and Gate/Expander sections feature fast/slow attack switches and independent side chains. The plug-in also features High and Low Pass Filters which can also be applied to the side chain.

Key Features

  • Classic SSL console channel strip features and sound
  • 4-band EQ, two shelving sections and two parametric
  • Variable low-pass and high-pass filter
  • Switchable EQ characteristics between E Series and G Series EQ
  • “Over-Easy” soft ratio compression characteristic for smooth transitions
  • Variable process order routing
  • Dynamics side-chain processing with independent side chains for compressor and expander/gate



Input Section

The Input Section of the EQ and Dynamics Channel Strip plug-in features an Input gain knob offering 20db of gain and attenuation and an accompanying Input level meter. There is a Phase reverse switch with status LED and a Bypass All switch offering latency free by-pass of all plug-in processing.



Filter Section

The Filter Section includes a 12dB/Octave low pass filter and an 18dB/Octave high pass filter. The filters can be placed after the equalizer, before the equalizer or in the sidechain of the Dynamics section.



Equalizer Section

The Equalizer section is a classic, flexible four band parametric EQ. This plug-in includes two distinct EQ flavours, one based on the SSL G series EQ and another based on the latest version of SSL’s legendary E series EQ. The plug-in includes high and low frequency shelving equalizers (which can be switched to peaking curves) and two overlapping equalizers with adjustable Q. Like the Filters section, the EQ section can be switched into the side chain of the Dynamics section. If both Filter and EQ sections are assigned to the dynamic side chain the Filter section precedes the EQ.



Dynamics Section

The EQ and Dynamics Channel Strip compressor/limiter section has a number of key features including a variable compression ratio from 1:1 to Infinity:1, a variable threshold from -30dB to +10dB, auto sensing attack time (or selectable 1ms attack time), and a variable release from 0.1 to 4 seconds. The Compressor/Limiter has two modes of signal detection, Peak and RMS. As their names suggest these modes of detection either act on peaks of the incoming signals or on their RMS levels. This gives two very different modes of compression and limiting with Peak Mode giving far more dramatic compression characteristics.




The Expander/Gate controls include a variable range from 0 to 40dB, a variable threshold from -30dB to +10dB, an auto-sensing attack time (switchable to 150 micro seconds), a variable hold time from 0 to four seconds and a variable release time from 0.1 to 4 seconds.

Duende Native Bus Compressor

Classic Analogue, now Digital

The sound of the legendary SSL Stereo Bus Compressor.

The centre section compressor from SSL’s 1980’s G Series analogue console is an audio production legend. It is the secret behind countless classic recordings. It is a simple unit with a simple purpose; it makes complete mixes sound bigger, with more power, punch and drive. It brings cohesion and strength to your mix without compromising clarity.

"Sticks your mix like audio glue." - That's how we often hear the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor described, along with - "You strap it across your mix - and it sounds like a record.". We could wax lyrical about the technology - but hey, you already know how great this thing sounds - you've heard it on countless hit records from the last three decades.


SSL class studio reverb ‘in the box’

Hardware standard reverb with superb depth and detail.

X-Verb delivers the density, warmth, depth and stunning detail usually only found in top-end hardware reverb processors. X-Verb uses revolutionary processing to deliver full, rich, dynamic, reverb sounds that you will not have previously heard from plug-in reverbs. X-Verb is the professional, studio grade reverb your DAW has been waiting for.

X-Verb is different to most other reverb plug-ins. The use of a new, innovative diffusion engine and processing design provides superior performance, artistic freedom, sonic depth and quality. This plug-in may well provide all the different Reverb options you will ever need. The power behind the superb quality of X-Verb is significant and complex; it is not a Convolution Reverb based on impulse responses, it is a true Reverberation Generator based on unique SSL HiD algorithms, designed to recreate the dynamic subtleties of movement and depth that real, living spaces create.

X-Verb’s algorithm based approach generates stunning sonic results with lowest possible latencies and allows dynamic access to all the intricate parameters of the Early Reflection and Reverb structure. The sheer sonic might of X-Verb is wrapped in a stunning GUI that provides comprehensive, instant, easy to tweak, editability. An exciting and powerful new ‘Morph’ feature allows unique, externally controllable and automatable crossfading between different ‘environments’, generating movement within spaces from a single processor; move from a ‘hall’ to a ‘bathroom’ and back with a single, automatable control.

Key Features

  • Unique and modular SSL HiD Reverb Algorithm Engine
  • 4 Core Algorithms create a complete collection of processors
  • Expandable with new Reverb Algorithms in the future
  • Quick Controls panel to easily adapt the superb supplied Presets
  • Stunning Graphical User Interface provides fast, easy access to a detailed parameter set
  • Unique automatable Morphing feature to dynamically morph from one reverb sound to another

Equally made for reverb explorers and experienced reverb artists

Liberated from any legacy hardware style, the X-Verb graphical user interface will especially appeal to people who like to see what they are hearing. The fully interactive display shows the exact reverb shapes and resulting filter curves. Extensive control options include drag able Reverb and ER nodes, traditional mouse parameter control and exact numerical entry.

X-Verb gives you control over any aspect of a room, space or effect reverb. The innovative Quick Controls panel let's you quickly fine-tune presets or change rooms dramatically, with just a couple of controls.

If you really want to delve into room design, X-Verb offers you almost 100 parameters to control in the most minute detail. X-Verb is wrapped in a stunning GUI with context sensitive sub-pages for demanding situations where efficiency and speed of operation is king.

A reverb that makes a Song sound like a Hit – the story of X-Verb

SSL's signal processing has defined the sound of decades of successful productions. Our expertise in producing the highest quality signal processing in both analogue and digital domains is well proven. SSL analogue and digital consoles are the No.1 choice for many of the world's finest audio engineers and producers.

When SSL developed Duende, our aim was to bring our signal processing expertise to the world of digital audio workstations (DAWs). One area of signal processing that was missing from our processing arsenal was reverb. For SSL to release a reverb processing plug-in, it needed to be something special.

In discussion with our customers, we realised that many engineers still appreciate the unique character and complex processing algorithms that classic hardware based reverb units provide. These 19" engines full of dedicated processing create rich, realistic sounding spaces from hugely complex combinations of time, frequency and filter modulation that many modern plug-in and convolution based reverbs fail to reproduce. We made creating these rich environments our primary goals for X-verb.

From this initial vision, we wanted to create a reverb plug-in that not only sounded 'like' these legendary hardware reverbs, but create something new and more creative. A reverb that sounds even better and offers a completely new workflow by adopting "DAW features" such as automation, graphical parameter animation, morphing and processing multiple instances in one project.
This demands the powerful processing that Duende V3's new Hybrid Core Sharing (HCS) technology and modern multi-core processors provide.

We had all the ingredients, we needed a recipe! To help us put this together we worked together with the very talented team at Relab Development ApS. Several thousands of hours of development and testing later, it was done.

We truly believe that X-Verb is the most exciting and revolutionary reverb plug-in released for DAW's in some time. We're excited to hear what happens when our science meets your creativity... Run the plug-in, read the manual, realise the possibilities, get creative!


Frequency specific phase control

Intuitive tool for correcting awkward phase issues.

SSL's SuperAnalogueTM console and processing hardware is renowned for exceptionally accurate audio imaging, especially with low and high end frequencies when compared to other manufacturers. One of the key reasons why this is the case is that when tested, SSL analogue circuits tend to have a much wider frequency spectrum with near linear phase response and a much smaller phase shift in frequencies at the extremes of the spectrum. So for example an SSL analogue summing bus would typically have a linear phase response between around 100 Hz and 10 kHz with a maximum phase shift of only 45 degrees between signals all the way from 50 Hz up to 50 kHz. Other devices like EQ circuits will of course have different phase response across the frequency spectrum. There is a more detailed explanation of this in the X-Phase user guide. Phase cohesiveness is therefore a significant part of what gives SSL its sonic distinction and a key element to why great engineers who understand the importance of phase when recording and mixing find it easier to craft great mixes using our technology. Fixing phase problems in recorded material can be a challenge that is not easily addressed using EQ, Delay or simple phase inversion, which is where X-Phase comes in.

X-Phase is an All-pass Filter plug-in that offers the user manual control and high quality response. It enables the user to apply a phase shift (sometimes called a phase offset) at a specified frequency within a signal. Unlike other filter types where the gain of selected frequencies is altered, with an All-pass Filter the gain remains unchanged throughout the signal. This is useful for fixing phase problems with microphones when recording: eg overheads causing phase problems when mixed with close mic's. X-Phase can also be used to create a comb filter by applying a filtered signal to an unfiltered version of the same signal. With X-Phase the controls are simple: a Frequency control selects the desired frequency where a phase offset needs to be applied, a Q control sets the slope of the curve of correction to be applied across the signal and a phase invert button enables the phase of the filter to be flipped 180 degrees.

A separate Delay section is applied to the entire signal for broader time alignment of the signal. The Delay controls consist of a delay control which can be set to display and adjust in seconds, milliseconds, samples, metres or feet and a set of buttons for fine tuning.
The overall plug-in can be set to adjust either L, R or both L&R. X-Phase can be automated via standard DAW Automation data and has A&B Preset 'slots' with an A/B switch for easy comparison of two different combinations of settings. There are Input and Output Meters with Input and Output Level controls.

Key Features:

  • Frequency specific phase control
  • Frequency and Q controls
  • Delay setting in a range of formats
  • L, R or L&R operation
  • A&B Preset switch for settings comparison
  • Full DAW automation for all controls

The essential EQ toolkit.

Mastering grade 10-band parametric EQ

X-EQ is an open and transparent sounding parametric EQ that provides the user with a truly comprehensive range of EQ tools within an intuitive user interface. X-EQ is exceptionally flexible with the ability to be surgically precise for mastering duties or to smooth and sculpt for everyday audio production and is particularly suited to real time manipulation for dramatic filter sweep effects.

X-EQ is at first glance a 10 band parametric EQ, but each of the 10 EQ bands can be selected to provide a different type of EQ, making X-EQ a vast range of different EQ processors in one package. Bands 1 and 10 are High and Low Filters, each of which can be set to employ one of five different Filter topologies with five very different tonal characters. Bands two and nine are shelving EQ’s with a Q range that extend right up to 10.3 and a degree of undershoot and overshoot at higher Q settings that give a unique tonal character. The remaining six bands are all Bell EQ’s with a choice of nine different EQ types providing a comprehensive range of response curves. All Shelving & Bell bands can operate across a full 20Hz-20kHz frequency range with a powerful gain range of +/-20dB. All of the Bell bands can also be switched from the usual serial signal flow of a parametric EQ to the parallel signal flow of a graphic equalizer.

Key Features

  • 10 band parametric EQ with individually selectable EQ type per band
  • Intuitive user interface with drag and move graphic control, on screen knob layout, mouse wheel (& fine mouse) control and numeric editing
  • Bands one & 10 are High & Low Cut Filters, each with five different selectable topographies
  • Bands two & nine are Shelving EQ’s with proportional Q values
  • Bands three to eight are Bell Filters with 20Hz-20kHz range and nine individually selectable EQ types
  • Bands three to eight can be switched between standard series and parallel signal flow for classic graphic EQ style operation
  • Real time FFT signal analysis display
  • Stereo input and output metering with peak hold, separate RMS meter and dynamic range display
  • A/B facility for instant comparison of two different EQ set ups
  • Full parameter automation via any compatible host

The new face of dynamics processing

Mastering-grade compression.

X-Comp is a sophisticated and extremely versatile stereo compressor that cuts through the mass of freeware and bundled plug-ins available with genuinely professional features, results and interface. The audio performance, specifications, analysis tools and depth of control offered by X-Comp are exemplary. It delivers mastering grade audio fidelity with a distinctly analogue feel and can be used for everything from ‘invisible’ subtle dynamic control for mastering, to dramatic ‘brick wall’ effects that inject raw energy and power that competes with the legendary SSL Listen Mic Compressor. Between these two extremes X-Comp can reproduce the characteristics of a wide range of modern and classic vintage compressors. In X-Comp we haven’t just modeled a particular compressor, but have provided a set of features and controls that allow the emulation of a broad range of compressor designs.

Key Features

  • Exceptional versatility; from mastering grade transparent compressor to incredible brick wall gain reduction
  • Advanced graphic knee control with 0 to 40dB range and proportional response characteristic
  • Dual symmetrical knee design allows detailed shaping of the compression characteristic
  • Max Gain Reduction control sets the maximum reduction between 20 and 60dB
  • Advanced side chain architecture using 1st order filters delivers user-friendly Frequency Dependant Parallel Compression
  • Amplitude Histogram display provides advanced real time pre/post signal analysis
  • Intuitive user interface with drag and move graphic, mouse wheel and numeric editing
  • Stereo input and output metering with peak hold, separate RMS meter and dynamic range display
  • A/B facility for instant comparison of two different Compression set ups
  • MIDI control capability for all parameters
  • Global soft latency free bypass

Saturating valve style compression the SSL way

The fully featured channel compressor with added grit.

X-ValveComp is a fully-featured mono or stereo channel compressor with a full set of classic channel compressor controls and an added 'valve' emulation stage. The valve emulation stage sits after the compressor in the signal path and adds a variable degree of primarily 2nd order harmonic saturation and distortion that thickens and colours the sound. The compressor can be switched between Peak or RMS modes and has a full set of standard controls including; Threshold, Ratio, Knee, Attack, Release and Hold. There are Input and Output Meters with separate kick down compression amount indication and Input and Output Level controls. There's a Gain Make Up control and switched Auto Gain Make Up mode. A dedicated wet/dry mix control facilitates parallel compression. A Side Chain input high and low pass filters can be used to trigger compression. X-ValveComp can be automated via standard DAW Automation data and has A&B Preset 'slots' with an A/B switch for easy comparison of two different combinations of settings.

Key Features:

  • Fully featured mono or stereo channel compressor
  • Valve emulation stage adds harmonic saturation and distortion
  • Switches between Peak & RMS mode
  • Side Chain with high and low pass filters
  • Manual and Auto Gain Make Up modes
  • Threshold, Ratio, Knee, Attack, Release, hold controls
  • Wet/Dry Mix control for parallel compression
  • A&B Preset switch for settings comparison
  • Full DAW automation for all controls

Versatile analogue distortion circuit emulation

Analogue style edge for your digital recordings.

X-Saturator delivers a stunning range of analogue style distortion effects. It is an emulation of an analogue circuit that introduces either 2nd order valve style or 3rd order transistor style distortion or a blend of the two. At low drive settings the distortion is mild and can add gentle warming to help instruments sit nicely in a mix or to add a little extra edge to help instruments cut through a mix. As drive levels are increased so too is the level of distortion until at high drive levels heavy distortion occurs.

The controls are simple: a Harmonics control selects 2nd or 3rd order distortion or a blend of the two, a Drive control sets the drive level, a Depth control the amplitude of the distortion and a Shape control adjusts whether the distortion has smooth or hard edges. A Headroom button provides an additional 6dB of headroom for creating heavily boosted/distorted signals without digital clipping. A dedicated wet/dry mix control facilitates parallel processing. There are Input and Output Meters and Input and Output Level controls. X-Saturator can be automated via standard DAW Automation data and has A&B Preset 'slots' with an A/B switch for easy comparison of two different combinations of settings.

Key Features:

  • A stunning range of distortion characteristics
  • Emulation of valve or transistor style distortion or a blend of the two
  • Great for helping instruments either sit within or cut through a mix
  • Superb range of heavy distortion characteristics at high drive levels
  • Wet/Dry Mix control for parallel processing
  • A&B Preset switch for settings comparison
  • Full DAW automation for all controls

Clarity, punch and power for your drums

The simple path to better drum tracks.

The secret to making an average drum recording sound incredible can be elusive. It takes the right combination of processors, with the perfect sonic character, in the correct configuration and tweaked in the right way. Drumstrip takes drum sounds from ordinary and average to vibrant and exhilarating in a few quick, easy steps. Plug in, switch on and experiment. Drumstrip handles the hard part; putting the right selection of fantastic sounding processing tools in your hands in an instant. With Drumstrip, DAW users can attain increased presence, clarity and detail in their drum tracks; reduce spill in individual tracks; restore natural brightness; achieve greater perceived loudness; shorten or lengthen the attack and sustain of percussive signals; tighten up booming toms; make kicks and snares stand out in a mix; and parallel compress room mics.

Key Features

  • Carefully selected collection of five audio processing tools
  • Transient shaper with Transient Invert to bring the attack phase of your drums to life
  • Transient Shaper Audition enables you to isolate and monitor the effect of the Transient Shaper
  • Dedicated drum Gate with range and independent open and close threshold controls
  • High Frequency Enhancer to invigorate top end
  • Low Frequency Enhancer to improve bass frequencies
  • The classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor with additional bypass function to alter the legendary band-limited compression to full range compression
  • Adjustable processor order—because a different processing order is required for different types of drums
  • Input & Output Level metering with additional RMS meters, dynamic range indicators and threshold indicators.

One Stop Vocal Processing.

The fast track to a professional vocal performance.

Vocalstrip is an application specific plug-in that draws upon decades of SSL professional engineering expertise to combine the right four processing elements to create the simple route to professional vocal recordings. Combining EQ and dynamics sections with essential vocal processors, Vocalstrip aims to bring power, character and clarity to vocal tracks from a single interface. Vocalstrip solves the challenges of producing great vocal recordings with four processing tools carefully selected and calibrated to deliver great results every time.

Key Features

  • 4 selected vocal processing tools with a unique SSL twist
  • Comparative analysis & dynamic envelope based De-esser
  • Comparative analysis & dynamic envelope based De-ploser
  • 3-band SSL EQ with High-Pass, 'asymmetric notch' and 'air' bands
  • Compander featuring compression, downwards expansion and output drive
  • Informative visual feedback showing EQ curves and real time FFT overlay