Sydec Audio Engineering.

You have arrived at this web page because you were trying to visit, the old home page for Sydec Audio Engineering. Sydec Audio Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solid State Logic. The technology developed by the Sydec team remains the foundation of the Soundscape DAW and the range of SSL products which incorporate Soundscape into turnkey systems that solve audio production challenges in Music and Live Sound applications.

Additional Information

Data Migration
User names, email addresses, current registered hardware and software data have been imported into the SSL web site database to facilitate upgrade discoutns to current SSL technology for legacy system owners. Your Soundscape web site user password was encrypted so we were unable to transfer it, so you will need to use the 'Forgotten Password' mechanism to reset your password the first time you log in. Account history (invoices etc) and legacy system software and hardware passwords have not been migrated and are no longer available.

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  • The Soundscape Forum
    The Soundscape Forums and all the years of accumulated wisdom within them have now been imported to the SSL web site. Your existing Forum Posts have been imported and associated with your email address so providing you are registered at the SSL site and your profile uses your existing email address your forum posts will automatically be linked to your SSL Profile. Only registered Soundscape owners can access the SSL Soundscape Forum.

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  • Upgrades
    Upgrade Bundles for registered Soundscape owners are now available at the Solid State Logic web store. Before you can buy an Upgrade you will need to register your existing system within your SSL web site Profile. To register products visit the SSL web site and Log In to your profile. Navigate to the My Products section of your Profile and Register your product.

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  • Current SSL Soundscape based products

    Live-Recorder Soundscape V6

    Sydec Legacy Support

    The following products have passed their end of support life date and are no longer supported by SSL:

    • Soundscape 32 & Soundscape 16
    • Mixtreme & Mixtreme 192
    • R.ed and SSHDR1
    • iBox 64, iBox 48 and iBox 8-Line SS8IO3
    • iBox 2-Mic, iBox 2-Line, iBox 8-MPA
    • iBox4-AES, I/O896
    • iSDISK4-F
    • Legacy plugins

    For help with products passed their end of support life date you may wish to post a question in the SoundScape user forum.

    The following products continue to be fully supported. Please click on the link to visit their support area: