C10 HD PLUSCompact, Affordable, Powerful, Easy To Use


Hardware architecture:

  • Frame sizes from 8+8 to 40+8 faders, with dual mains inlets and redundant PSUs
  • Embedded Blackrock processor core with RAID 1 disk array, providing console control interface and self-healing audio processing
  • Cost option to upgrade to dual Blackrock processor cores, offering 1+1 redundancy for CPU, DSP, MADI I/O, SSD, and file system
  • 4 MADI I/O ports offering up to 256 channel audio interfacing, with embedded control data for all SSL I/O solutions
  • Cost option to upgrade to 8 MADI I/O ports, offering up to 512 channel audio interfacing
  • Embedded Integration Computer providing secured network login for file management, SNMP and remote diagnostics
  • 12 opto-isolated inputs and 12 contact closure outputs for general purpose interfacing (GPI/O)
  • Option to expand GPI/O via network controlled 24 or 48 channel 1U units
  • Production automation interface

DSP architecture:

  • 160 full input channels, each with dedicated 4-band EQ, Comp/Lim, Alt. Input, Insert and Direct Output
  • 16 dedicated mono Mix Minus buses with insert points, can be stereo-linked
  • 8 dedicated mono Aux buses with insert points, can be stereo-linked
  • 16 dedicated ASG buses, formatted as 8 x stereo or 2 x 5.1 & 2 x stereo, with inserts and comp/lim processing
  • 12 dedicated PGM buses, formatted as 2 x stereo, 2 x 5.1, or 1 x 5.1 & 1 x stereo, with inserts, comp/lim, and LFE filters
  • 64 Delay modules, 5.4 seconds each, assignable to input channels, Audio Sub Group (ASG) buses and PGM buses or used a standalone delay channels to feed monitoring and comms circuits
  • Independent stereo PFL and AFL monitoring
  • 4 x 12 way external monitor source selectors (5.1/stereo)
  • 16 mono direct inputs with level, on/off and AFL, can be linked for stereo/5.1 operation and can feed any and all console buses
  • 2 communications mixes, each with 2 x stereo source selection, level, on/off, AFL, T/B and on-air mute logic
  • 3 monitor buses, in 5.1, stereo and stereo/mono formats, with insert point, source selection, solo/mute, phase and level control
  • In-built 5.1 BLITS tone generator routes to all 5.1 format PGM, ASG, Channel and Utility Buses
Configuration Height Width Depth Weight
8+8 Configuration 99.7cm (38.5") 64.8cm (25.6") 76.8cm (30.2") 55Kg (121 lbs)
16+8 Configuration 99.7cm (38.5") 93.3cm (36.8") 76.8cm (30.2") 69Kg (152 lbs)
24+8 Configuration 99.7cm (38.5") 121.8cm (48") 76.8cm (30.2") 83Kg (183 lbs)
32+8 Configuration 99.7cm (38.5") 150.3cm (59.2") 76.8cm (30.2") 97Kg (214 lbs)
40+8 Configuration 99.7cm (38.5") 178.8cm (70.4") 76.8cm (30.2") 111Kg (245 lbs)