C100 HD PLUS C100 HD PLUS Digital Broadcast Console


On-Air Audio Excellence

The C100 HD PLUS is a fully scalable digital Broadcast Console designed to enable experienced audio engineers to meet the challenges of even the most demanding HD broadcast production applications. It is a custom configured system where, through pre-sale consultancy, console, processing, routing and I/O are tailored to match individual user requirements. Proven reliability, and fully mirrored redundant system configuration mean C100 provides total reassurance of system integrity. C100 is ideal for mid to large scale broadcasters and offers elegant multi studio, multi control room audio asset sharing, controlled from the console. The C100 compact convection cooled frame also makes it an optimal solution for OB Vehicle installation. C100 consoles are in use for News, Sports, Entertainment and Broadcast Production, worldwide, every day.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive 5.1 production tools with superb metering & monitoring, flexible bus architecture, single fader stem control, intuitive panning system and stereo to 5.1 Upmix
  • Benchmark audio quality and a full array of precision audio processing tools
  • 512 input channels, 256 full DSP processing channels and 256 non processed channels
  • Modular I/O, scalable Control Surface and Processing upgrades that don’t require new hardware, let you specify the right system for today with flexible future expansion
  • Proven robust reliability and ultimate Redundancy with every aspect of the system configurable as two fully mirrored systems
  • Ergonomically advanced control surface that is elegant, comfortable, logical and freelance friendly. Dedicated processing per channel means no DSP compromises
  • SSL’s Dialogue Automix system takes the strain of mic fader manipulation for fast paced productions leaving the engineer free to focus on overall production quality and preparation
  • Advanced broadcast system integration with Pro-Bel SWP-08 suppoprt, Ross Overdrive, Grass Valley Ignite, Sony ELC & Mosart Medialab Production Automation interfaces and extensive GPI parameter control
  • DAW control delivers better ROI via post production during down time
  • Unrivalled pre and post sale support, professional installation and exemplary training from SSL’s renowned worldwide support network