C200 HDThe world's leading live-to-air and location recording music production console

C200 Specs
C200 Specs

The C200 HD console is constructed in bays of 8 channel strips, providing flexible frame options. The position of the centre section may be located at any bay boundary, and a variety of frame options, including producer sections, angles, split points for shipping and installation, and a script tray, may also be specified.

Physical and Environmental Specification
Max Height 1124mm (44.25")
Max Width (see diagram to right)
Dual width centre section 721mm (28.39")
Each channel bay adds 334mm (13.15")
End trim adds 128mm (5.04")
Max Depth 1144mm (45.04")
Height Adjustment .±22.5mm (±0.9")
Weight (48 channels) ~354kg (~780lbs)
Each bay (inc centre) adds ~40kg (~88lbs)
Legs add ~33kg (~73lbs)
Power (40ch with 100-240V AC) <1.2kW Continuous (dependent on frame size)
Cooling Method Convection

The C200 HD ‘Mobile’ Configuration

Where space and weight restrictions apply, an alternative version of the console frame is available. The single width centre section of the C200 HD Mobile configuration enables a 48 channel strip (105 fader) console to fit across a width of 2.34m (92“). Please refer to the C200 HD Mobile specification sheet for full details.

Centuri and Stagebox Specifications

Centuri Core
Physical and Environmental Specification:
Height 15U
Max Depth (no cables) 635mm (25")
Mounting 19" rack mount
Weight (8 cards fitted) ~40kg (~88lbs)
Power (100-240V AC) 300W - 1kW dependent on options
Cooling Method Front-to-back fan assisted
Timing Reference Black & Burst/Composite Video
Technical Specification:
24-channel ADC/DAC card
Input impedance >10k.
Max input +24dBu
Input trim, 0dBFS Adjustable in 0.5dB steps
Output impedance <30.
Max output +24dBu
Output trim, 0dBFS Adjustable in 0.5dB steps
Resolution 24-bit
Breakouts DL
64-channel MADI card
Input sample rate 64-channels 48kHz fixed rate
  56-channels 48kHz +/- 12.5%
Output sample rate 32, 44.1, 48kHz, or clocked from input
Sync input Wordclock, AES (75.), int. or MADI
Resolution 24-bit
MADI breakout BNC, coaxial
64-channel (32-pair AES/EBU) DIO card
Impedance 110
Input sample rate Variable with 24-bit SRC
Output sample rate 32, 44.1, 48, 96kHz, or clocked from input
Resolution 24-bit
Breakouts 25-way D-type
Fibre Link expansion card
Fibre connections Multimode (up to 550m)
  Single mode on request
Breakout options Fischer/Lemo connector panel
60-channel GPI card
Breakouts 50-way D-type