Solid State Logic is a ground-breaking professional audio manufacturer. We have evolved to become the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for film, audio, video, and broadcast professionals. We invent, design, and manufacture technology for the creative manipulation of sound.

This is an excellent opportunity for a talented Head of Support to join our prestigious team at Solid State Logic.

Key Responsibilities:

•    Overall responsibility and accountability for customer experience, maintaining the company’s reputation for providing industry leading support.
•    Deliver Support business revenue targets. 
•    Control Support departmental budgets and expenditure in order to ensure profitability targets are met.
•    Help to champion the quality process throughout all levels of the company, based on feedback from the market and support issues, and ensure this happens within the customer support team.
•    Identify new opportunities to innovate and widen business activities.

General and Task Management:

•    Maintain strong communication between teams to facilitate the exchange of information, to implement improvement activities.
•    Continually review departmental practises, procedures and metrics to improve both standards and efficiency.
•    Provide regular forecasting and reporting on the Support business performance.
•    In coordination with the Senior Management team, maintain and develop policy guidelines for all products and services.  
•    Manage Support inventory to maintain an adequate exchange parts inventory, while working to meet the company’s working capital objectives.
•    Management of product life cycle, post end of sale.
•    Maintain Support related ERP data.
•    Develop and maintain support related content on Solid State Logic’s public and Technical Documentation web sites.
•    Site and customer visits worldwide, as and when required by the business.
Application Instructions:
•    Please send your CV and covering letter to Your covering letter should highlight the extent to which your skills/experience meets the requirements of the role, and your motivation behind applying. To apply for this position, you must already have the right to work in the UK.

General Data Protection Regulations Notification:  
•    Your personal information will be used by Solid State Logic for the purposes of recruitment and its administration. The company limits the storage of your data to the required period and therefore we will only retain your personal information for as long as you are in an application process. Once all application procedures have been completed, your data will be deleted. By applying for this position, you are confirming your acceptance of these conditions.


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