Mix Presents Immersive Music Production at Power Station at BerkleeNYC
6 Aug - 6 Aug

Solid State Logic at the Immersive Music Production 2022

SSL invites you to join us on August 6, at Power Station at BerkleeNYC for the debut Mix Presents Immersive Music Production, the first industry event dedicated to the recording, mixing, and distribution of immersive music.


Opening Keynote: The Making of Immersive ‘Alicia’

George Massenburg, Mix EngineerAnn Mincieli, Recording/Mix EngineerMichael Romanowski, Mastering EngineerEric Schilling,Mix Engineer

Mix Studio Panel: Joe Bonamassa’s 'Time Clocks'—Stereo and Immersive

Bob Clearmountain, Mixing Engineer
Troy Germano - Germano Studios, Owner
Kevin Shirley, Producer
Jason Staniulis, Recording Engineer

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