7 Dec - 7 Dec

Sports Audio Summit Europe

Join Solid State Logic as we explore the most exciting and disruptive technologies in sports broadcasting today at the SVG Europe Summit 2022. 

Solid State Logic's, Tom Knowles will be part of a panel exploring the sound of sorts production virtualisation in the cloud.

Exploring the sound of sports production virtualisation in the cloud

12:40pm - 1:15pm / Kings Place.

Cloud-based media services are exploding in sports broadcasting, with more businesses than ever now embracing the technology to enable more flexible ways of producing live content, for all types of workflows. Our panellists take a closer look at what the cloud offers today for audio in sports broadcasting, what is being deployed in Europe, how it is driving manufacturers’ product roadmaps, and where audio stands in this virtual future.

  • Pete Mercer, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, Senior Sound Manager
  • Harry Brown, Sky Sports, Sound Supervisor
  • Greg Kopchinski, Waves, Product Manager Live and Install
  • Tom Knowles, SSL, Product Manager

The event is an invitation only event. Please contact us via the button below if you would like more information.

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