Solid State Logic UK Ltd ('SSL’) uses open source software in some of its products, in line with the terms of our General EULA and the licenses related to this open source software, herewith a list open source software used, the software license details and the SSL products with which it is associated.

For queries regarding open source software in Solid State Logic products please contact: 

Product Names

The following products are included under a grouping product name.

“AWS Family” includes AWS900, AWS900Plus, AWS916, AWS924, AWS948, Duality, Matrix, Matrix 2, Nucleus, Nucleus 2.

“Network IO” includes A16.D16, A32, BLII Bridge, D64, GPIO32, MADI Bridge, SB8.8, SBi16, SB16.12, SB32.24, X-Light Bridge.

“Tempest Family” includes Live L100, L200, L300, L350, L500, L500 Plus, L550, Network I/O Controller, Network I/O Updater, SOLSA, System T S300, S500, T-Engine, T-SOLSA, TCR.

AWS Family

Network I/O

Audinate Brooklyn II: Audinate Software Licensing


SSL Native

Tempest Family

Audinate Brooklyn II/Dante HC: Audinate Software Licensing

Boost: Boost Software License V1.0

Code Project excerpts: Code Project Open License (CPOL) 1.02

DotNetZip v1.13.3: Microsoft Public License, BSD-Style (3 clause) License, zlib License, BZIP2 Apache Version 2.0 License

Ember+: Boost Software License V1.0

Google Protocol Buffers: BSD License

LexTM.SharpSNMPLib v10.0.10: MIT License

lz4net v1.0.5.93: BSD License

Microsoft .NET Libraries: Microsoft .NET Library License

On Time RTOS-32: BSD License, Intel ACPI Software License

Open Hardware Monitor: Mozilla Public License 2.0, Aga.Controls License, WinRing0 License, jQuery License, Knockout License

protobuf-net v2.4.1: BSD License, Apache License Version 2.0

PuTTY: MIT License

RawInput.Sharp 0.0.3: zlib License

Rug.Osc: MIT License

SADIE II Database V1.0: Apache License Version 2.0

ServiceModelEx: IDesign Resources License V2.0

SharpZipLib v1.1.0: MIT License

Universal Java Remote

Liquid Look and Feel: GNU LGPL Version 2.1