SSL Live. L100

Local IO

L100 Local I/O

Convenience and Connectivity.

L100 is equipped with a fully featured collection of Input and Output connectivity with the capacity to serve small to mid-scale production applications. L100 provides a versatile collection of local I/O built into the control surface so can operate without the use of any Stageboxes if required and has good connectivity for local peripherals when used in a pure FOH role. SSL Live consoles feature auto detection so identify any SSL Live I/O connected within the software routing pages.

L100 local analogue I/O configuration; 12 mic/line inputs in, 2 front panel Talkback mic/line XLR inputs, 12 line outputs, 2 Headphone/Monitor outputs and a front panel 3.5mm line input. AES/EBU digital I/O configuration: 4 pairs of inputs and 4 pairs of outputs. AES/EBU I/O has fully variable sample rate conversion.

Standard MADI port configuration: four pairs of coaxial MADI ports. There is an additional FX loop - a separate optical MADI port (out/in), designed for connecting an external FX device such as a system using Waves Multirack or a VST effects host. An optional redundant pair of SSL Blacklight II fibre connectors provide 256 bi-directional channels at 96kHz between console and stage. An optional local Dante card provides 32x32 channels of I/O at 96 kHz over a redundant Dante connection. The Dante interface offers Sample Rate Conversion between all Dante network rates. An optional redundant pair of SSL X-Light connectors provide 256 bi-directional channels at 96kHz between console and stage using a single cable with ruggedised connectors. There is a Wordclock connection. A redundant power supply is optional.