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Oxford, UK, November 02, 2021 — Solid State Logic announces its new 'Plus Processing Packs' for its SSL Live console range. These Packs offer additional DSP resources for SSL Live L100, L200, L350 and L550 consoles, adding greater flexibility and wider applications to owners of existing SSL Live products. The new 'Plus Processing Packs' underscore Solid State Logic’s commitment to keeping the SSL Live range at the forefront of live sound production technology, while supporting its existing and future customer base. 


Nigel Beaumont, SSL Managing Director says:As tours and events start coming back online, many with increased production requirements, the New ‘Plus Processing Packs’ and Live V5.0 software features offer existing SSL Live console owners the opportunity to enhance their inventories and benefit from additional features. It’s important for Solid State Logic to not only develop consoles for next-gen events, but to keep adding value to existing customers’ SSL live inventory.”

Plus Processing Packs

Integrated control solutions

Building on the SSL Live L-ISA control integration found in Live V4.11, Live V5.0 Console and SOLSA Software features integrated control solutions for Meyer Sound Spacemap Go Immersive, Shure ULX-D and Axient Digital Mic Control, offering control of key features from within the SSL Live console ecosystem. Live V5.0 also features a number of other workflow-based enhancements, including Routing Interface, Event Manager and Overview Screen improvements plus the addition of Solo and Mute buttons to the TaCo control APP.  

SSL Live L450 & L650: Next-gen consoles

In line with the latest advancements in immersive and object-based mixing for live sound, Solid State Logic will begin rolling out its new SSL Live L450 & L650 consoles, focused at providing production solutions for the next generation of touring, events, Houses of Worship and installed sound. In these demanding production environments, multiple mixes, immersive audio, monitoring and OTT/Streaming are often required. The new L450 console sits above the more compact L350 in terms of processing power, while the L650 is the most powerful SSL Live console to date. The new L450 and L650 consoles will offer the same superior sonic performance and outstanding operator experience that is found within the entire range of SSL Live consoles.

As with all of Solid State Logic's products, our new consoles have integrated feedback from a wide range of operators around the world. The new L450 & L650 layout will both include the widely acclaimed triple-wide fader bank configuration, which is already found on the L200 console. Cutaways for external screens are also incorporated to help maintain line of sight to the artist and stage, creating two distinct areas of focus for the operator. The new L650 console shares the same knob-per-function Channel Control tile as the L550 Plus, whereas the L450 features a Tablet panel for use with SSL Live’s control APP, TaCo. 

All new L100, L200, L350 and L550 consoles from the point of Live V5.0 release will ship as ‘Plus’ models. For more information about adding a Plus Processing Pack to your existing SSL live inventory speak to your SSL Live representative. 

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