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London, UK - Point Blank Music School has opened a new facility near to its existing London base, doubling its core production portfolio and increasing its longest available course length from one to two years. This expansion brings a fresh new industry-focussed element to the school for students looking to cultivate full time careers in commercial music, film, broadcast, and games production. As part of this development Point Blank has invested in the best and most commercially-relevant production tools for its flagship Music Production & Sound Engineering Complete Master Diploma. Headlining that investment is a new 48-channel SSL Duality δelta SuperAnalogue™ console for the main studio.

"We're a cutting edge music school," says Rob Cowan, the Owner of Point Blank. "And we want cutting-edge gear. That's what the Duality is. If students are going to go on and work in commercial studios, we need to train them on the best there is."

The School has premises in London and Los Angeles, and is distinguished by the wide variety of courses it offers - everything from music production and sound engineering though live sound, song writing, singing, DJing, radio production, and music business. "We've been training students on Logic and Ableton," explains Cowan "...In one year taking them from not knowing anything to being competent music producers.

"Now with the Duality, and us becoming an Avid Training School, we're taking it to the next level. We're training people to work in the industry."

Duality is a large-format hybrid console that combines a superb analogue signal path with exceptional DAW control and integration. TFT screens deliver complete optical feedback of channel status and routing, while multi operator Total Recall with channel autoscan allows more than one operator to recall the console. New to Duality, the SSL δelta-Control plug-in harnesses DAW automation to read, write, store, and edit console automation - ideal for a busy control room.

The new Point Blank facility incorporates seven studios and training rooms - including a live recording area - all connected to a central space that the school is calling 'The Hub'. This relaxing space encourages student collaboration, while providing a perfect venue for master classes. "Students can hang out, but we can also do workshops in there," says Cowan. "We can easily rearrange the furniture and comfortably accommodate up to around 70 people. It's fantastic for when we host guest producers and artists, and so on.

"We can now deliver all the new modules that we've been so desperate to start, and at the same time provide a better student experience."

Cowan refers to the Duality room as both a studio and a classroom in one: "That is our number one space - a showpiece studio where we're going to teach more advanced sound engineering, more advanced mixing. That's where the Duality is really going to come into its own.

"We've now got more options, more at our fingertips... more exciting things that we can do."

Prospective students can find out more about the two year Music Production & Sound Engineering Complete Master Diploma course at the Point Blank School of music via the Music Production section of its website.


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