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FRANKFURT, ProLight+Sound 2017 (Hall 3.1 Stand F11) - Solid State Logic is proud to announce the release of V4 software for SSL Live consoles. This free software release is compatible with all generations of L500, L300 and the new L200 console and clearly demonstrates SSL’s commitment to continuous development for the SSL Live platform.

A significant core functionality addition with V4 is the introduction of direct gain compensated I/O sharing for SSL Network I/O Stageboxes. Existing SB 8.8 and SB i16 models and the new SB 32.24 can all now be controlled directly from any SSL Live console and can also be shared between SSL Live and System T broadcast consoles in a single installation.

The features included reflect dialogue with the growing community of Live users. Highlights include; Automation Recall Protect which adds a dedicated Recall Protect button in the Channel view and as a hardware button in the Quick Controls. Recall Protect operates above the Global Recall Filter meaning all Recall scope parameter settings are saved when “Automation Recall Protect” is disengaged. A new XY Routing page replaces the old Fast Route with a full X/Y routing interface where multiple assignments can be made simultaneously, and there is a one-click option to implement a 1:1 patch. A powerful four filter sub bass harmonic synthesiser plug-in called SubMonix has been added to the Effects Rack. Showfile creation is now streamlined with a smart CSV import/export feature and auto-renumbering. A new Path Linking feature allows offset compensated adjustment of control parameters across selected channels or across all channels.

V4 will be free to all SSL Live console owners and will be available in May 2017.


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