Oxford, UK - Solid State Logic (SSL) successfully participated in the recent JT-NM Tested program, the recently released HC Bridge SRC and other devices from the SSL Network I/O range are included in the “JT-NM Tested” catalogue for ST 2110. These devices are compliant with ST 2110-30 and ST 2022-7 to conformance levels A, B and C, all of which can be used simultaneously to receive and transmit streams on a single device.

As seen at the recent IBC show, the HC Bridge SRC provides 256 bi-directional channels of sample rate conversion for AoIP networks. HC Bridge SRC facilitates connecting audio between devices running at different sample rates or in different clock domains on Dante (48 kHz and 96 kHz), AES67 or ST 2110-30 networks.

Applications for the HC Bridge SRC include as a standalone device providing bulk sample rate conversion between 48 and 96 kHz sources on the same network, or alternatively as a firewall to provide control and discovery separation between two networks. Scenarios include providing separation between venue and OB networks at large scale events, or between a Dante-based studio network and standards-based transmission network in a broadcast facility.

Further information on the full range of SSL Network I/O devices can be found


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