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Tokyo, Japan, August 8, 2022 — Located in Ikebukuro, which is one of Tokyo's landmarks along with Shinjuku and Shubuya, The Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre opened in 1990 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the purpose of promoting arts and culture. Recently, to mark the 30th anniversary of the theatre, a new Solid State Logic Duality Fuse large format SuperAnalogue™ console was installed in the recording room of the theatre's concert hall.

An arts centre consisting of four halls — including a concert hall with a separate control room and one of the world's largest pipe organs — The Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre also hosts a variety of exhibition spaces and conference spaces.


Retaining sonic integrity with SSL's SuperAnalogue™

Mr. Ishimaru Koichi, Sound Director of The Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, comments on the new SSL installation: "Prior to installing the Duality Fuse, we had been using an analogue console that had been installed since the theatre opened. When we were considering replacing it, we thought about installing a digital console or a system without a console, but we thought only an analogue console would do."

Duality Fuse's innovative hybrid design is preferred by many sound professionals because it combines a traditional analogue path and signal processing along with exceptional DAW control and integration — all within a single hardware surface. For The Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, the combination of its SuperAnalogue™ microphone preamplifiers and mix bus, flat frequency response and exceptionally low noise floor made it an ideal choice.

Detail across the entire frequency spectrum

An important part of the theatre's decision process was choosing a console that could capture its programming in an accurate and authentic manner: "We decided on an SSL Duality Fuse because of its ability to express classical and opera programs as they are, without any necessary colouration and also because of the opinions of recording studios in Japan," Ishimaru continues.

He adds that this is the case across the entire frequency spectrum, including in the low end: "The low end of the Duality Fuse adds no unnecessary colouration, yet it has a dynamic feel, so the power of classical music can be conveyed as it is."

Since installing the Duality Fuse, the theatre changed the position of the suspended microphones that it uses to record stage performances, indicating that the Duality Fusion was able to impart an important dimension of space in the recordings: "When recording on the stage, we typically lowered the microphones to keep the recording resolution," says Ishimaru. "However, after installing the Duality Fuse, we were able to raise the position of the hanging microphones. This not only contributes to the appearance of the stage, but also to the sound, which is very important for expressing a sense of atmosphere. This is an important element in classical music where the sound is made up of an orchestra and a hall.


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