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Solid State Logic are delighted to announce the introduction of System T for music. Already relied on by the world's most prestigious facilities for top-tier media and entertainment production, the launch of System T for music marks its expansion into a next-generation digital music production platform offering unparalleled flexibility and advanced workflows optimised for immersive music production. System T for music represents the benchmark of digital audio technology for next generation music and content.

Solid State Logic are regarded as pioneers in surround sound production technology, continually innovating and designing mixing consoles which empower engineers to push the boundaries of what’s considered possible. System T continues this, combining SSL’s legacy with the next generation of production tools required to make immersive music production fast, efficient and sound stunning. It bridges the gap between commonly found DAW and controller setups, and what’s achievable when working on a real console: time saved, fewer revisions and higher production quality.

System T uniquely offers both channel and object-based workflows for immersive music production, supporting a range of immersive audio formats including Dolby Atmos Music, specifically with 7.1.2 beds. Individual channel and bus formats are configurable up to 7.1.4. Fully featured and intuitive 3D panning, with both XYZ and rotational Theta pan modes provides a rich panning experience not found elsewhere. Integrated object control is provided for DAW hosted panner plug-ins, including the Dolby Atmos Music Panner.

“The launch of System T for music is testament to the platform’s power and agility. Its routing and processing capabilities give us the technology backbone to continue to develop the workflows needed to keep both broadcasters and music producers on the cutting-edge of production.” – Enrique Perez, CTO, Solid State Logic.

As you would expect, System T is equipped with SSL’s legendary processing tools, many of which have been optimised for immersive music production. The renowned SSL bus compressor in 7.1.2 format, multiband compressors, dynamic EQs, tape echo, modulation tools, reverbs, VHD saturation, transient shaper and many more. Compressor and gate link buses allow grouped processing across discrete object paths without compromise. Dedicated LFE-only bus routing simplifies object signal flow to the LFE bus for added impact. These and many other ‘next-gen’ features highlight System T’s focus on production workflows and sonic excellence for immersive music.

Rounding off System T’s immersive production toolkit is a market-leading monitor section, providing up to 9.1.6 control room monitoring, with support for additional speaker sets allowing reference comparison. Two 24-way external source selectors and two monitoring insert points provide comprehensive source selection, including monitoring from the Dolby Atmos Renderer. An in-built binaural encoder can provide an immersive representation when monitoring on headphones.

More hit records have been mixed on SSL consoles than any other. Feedback from engineers suggest this is largely due to the connection the engineer creates with the console.  The human-machine interface created through intelligent design and understanding of what matters to an engineer in a professional production environment. System T has all this DNA - from both SSL’s analogue and digital consoles - built into it. The flagship S500 large-format modular console can be specified with a custom combination of 16 to 384 premium faders, responsive multi-gesture touchscreens and a comprehensive master section. The S300 offers a mid-size, fixed frame console in 16, 32 and 48 fader configurations. Dedicated fader tiles can be combined with touchscreens for smaller production suites.  The S500 console features the ability to switch the inbuilt touchscreen display from the console view to a DAW screen, renderer or any other external screen connection, keeping the engineer in the sweet spot.

System T’s Tempest Engines are the brains of the operation. Tempest Engines are already installed in hundreds of consoles around the world, utilised daily use for some of the most prestigious live sound and on-air broadcast productions. Providing real time digital audio processing across up to 800 audio channels with full SSL dynamics, EQ and 3D panning, plus a comprehensive Effects Rack. The Tempest Engine’s agile architecture allows engineers to start with a blank canvas and build the exact console needed for the task at hand. Channels, buses, sends and inserts can be configured exactly as required and easily changed at any point. Patching and routing can easily be managed directly from the console software. Everything can then be saved as a fully recallable setup, or template for future sessions. System T’s sophisticated ‘Path Presets’ functionality means anything from whole processing chains to only a specific EQ setting can be instantly recalled, even between sessions. Advanced DAW control and Dynamic Automation complete System T’s processing and control software.

System T’s digital audio handling is the culmination of decades of research and development into digital signal processing, clocking technology and electronic design. 64-bit floating point processing provides unparalleled audio quality, ensuring unlimited audio headroom and the power to execute algorithms within a single sample. Solid State Logic’s patented ‘SolidClockTM’ technology significantly reduces jitter to provide the most accurate processing and reproduction quality. Digital never sounded so analogue.

Integrating I/O and outboard processing has never been easier with System T’s advanced Dante and AoIP integration. Thousands of I/O can be routed, stored, and recalled instantly from the console surface. Combined with SSL SuperAnalogueTM Network I/O with integrated preamp control, any combination of analogue mic/line or digital devices, MADI based systems, MIDI and LTC can be integrated into the System T production platform.

Experience the next generation of digital music production platforms at NAB 2023, where System T for music will make its global debut on the Solid State Logic booth C6107. Find out more and book an appointment:

If you’re not attending NAB, please make an appointment at one of Solid State Logic’s Atmos equipped demonstration facilities. Contact Solid State Logic for more information: [email protected]

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