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Compiègne, France – The fifth annual Palais en Jazz event was held recently at Compiègne’ Imperial Palace, a royal residence built for Louis XV and restored by Napoleon located in northern France.

All performances at the two-day jazz celebration were supported by the Solid State Logic L500 Plus console and Amadeus PA, featuring PMX monitors, DIVA line array, and MAESTRO subwoofers. Amadeus was a co-sponsor of the event.

Palais en Jazz consistently attracts the world’s greatest Jazz musicians, and this year was no exception, with incredible performances from headliners Damien Schmitt, Erik Truffaz and the five-time Grammy Award-winner, composer, author, producer and bass virtuoso Victor Wooten.

Jack Trifiro, Tour Manager and FOH Engineer for Victor Wooten was impressed with the technical preparation from Palais en Jazz Technical Director, Yohan Progler, and system tuning by Director of Research & Development at Amadeus, Michel Deluc - as well as the technology itself: “The Amadeus DIVA arrays performed admirably,” he comments. “…With impeccable and consistent sound quality throughout the venue. The band was very happy with the Amadeus PMX 15 for stage monitoring and the choice of Amadeus made for a very enjoyable show for audience and Band alike.”

The event marked Trifiro’s first outing with the SSL console: “Most surprising was the wonderful choice of L500 at FOH… I found the ease of navigating, intuitive layout, and quality and clarity of my mix an extreme pleasure. I knew with SSL, my experience would be nothing but great!

With the superb quality of SSL Live and Amadeus loudspeakers a perfect match for Wooten’s impeccable music, the Palais en Jazz engineers could not have been happier with the sound they achieved.”

Philippe Guerinet, Director of International Sales for Solid State Logic, commented: “The SSL Live console is designed to help highly skilled operators deliver outstanding performances in the most demanding applications, and this festival is definitely an example of this.

“The high calibre of the technical set up and excellent on site team made it possible for us to reproduce these great performances with immaculate natural detail. I feel everyone, from the musicians and engineers to the audience and hosts, really appreciated the quality of the whole event.”

One of the finest specimens of France’s architectural heritage and the former residence of the kings of France, and emperors Napoleon and Napoleon III, the Compiègne’ Imperial Palace hosts the ‘Palais en Jazz’ festival every year, on the last week-end of June. Initiated in 2012 by Emmanuel Starcky, Director of the National Museums and the estates of the Compiègne and Blérancourt castles, along with and producers Hugo Brugière and Gaetan Byk, Palais en Jazz aims to blend different time periods and cultures in an effort to create one synonymous jazz sound. “I found the evening mesmerizing,” comments Starcky. “It was intoxicating… All the emotions and vibrations of the music created a moment that was simply magical.”


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