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OXFORD, ENGLAND - Solid State Logic the world's leading manufacturer of audio mixing tools is proud to announce updates to the acclaimed SSL Native Bus Compressor plug-in as part of a new SSL Native v6.2 software release. The SSL Native Bus Compressor now features a Dry/Wet Mix control and side-chain High-Pass Filter. The Dry/Wet Mix control blends between compressed and uncompressed signal, allowing quick and easy parallel compression without using additional busses. The addition of the side-chain High-Pass Filter enables reduction of low frequency content triggering the compressor, reducing unwanted pumping effects.

V6.2 also includes the addition of Pro Tools gain reduction metering for the Bus Compressor, Channel Strip, X-Comp, X-Valvecomp, Vocalstrip and Drumstrip plug-ins, as well as improvements to the tooltip entry system for all plug-ins in the SSL Native range.

For SSL’s existing Duende Native and SSL Native customers, v6.2 is a free update. Existing iLok licenses that say ‘SSL Duende Native’ in their iLok License Manager account will continue to authorise with v6.2.

Available now on an affordable $14.99 per month subscription as well as permanent license purchase directly from the SSL web store.

SSL Native v6.2 plug-ins are available in AAX, VST3/VST2, and AU formats.


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