Blacklight II Concentrator

High density MADI I/O device delivering pristine digital audio

The BLII Concentrator is a high density MADI I/O device that delivers pristine digital audio interconnection between any configuration of up to eight ML 32.32 analogue and D 32.32 AES/EBU stageboxes and up to two SSL Live consoles.

Each 2U unit features two redundant pairs of ruggedised Neutrik OpticalCON connectors on the front panel carrying SSL’s proprietary Blacklight II protocol; one pair for the master console and one pair as a digital split to an optional second console. The second console will seamlessly and automatically take over stagebox control in the event of a loss of connection between the master console and the BLII Concentrator. Each BLII connection carries 256 channels of bidirectional audio at 48 or 96 kHz and is designed for fast and efficient cable deployment in a touring environment. The rear panel provides 8 redundant pairs of coaxial MADI connectors for connection to SSL Live stageboxes or third party MADI devices.

  • High channel count, ultra-low latency interface for SSL Live console and MADI I/O
  • 256 x 256 channels @ 96 kHz 24-bit
  • Redundant ruggedised BLII fibre connections between console and stage
  • Redundant MADI connections to I/O devices
  • Dual redundant power supplies
  • Routing and I/O control from the console surface
  • Compatible with all consoles in the SSL Live range
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