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Advanced DAW Control system

Advanced DAW control for broadcast entertainment 

SSL leads the way in audio production for entertainment programming with unrivalled sonic performance and feature-set, including advanced DAW control for multi-track recording, editing and playback.

System T DAW Control makes best ergonomic use of the hardware controls within the Fader & Master Tiles and System T’s superior multi-gesture touch screens. The DAW Control system uses a networked HUI implementation, and is optimised for use with the industry standard Pro ToolsTM but is compatible with ReaperTM, LogicTM and any DAW that supports HUI control. DAW Control can be configured in banks of 8 consecutive channels with a maximum of four banks providing 32 physical console faders for DAW Control. The system supports control for up to four separate DAWs.

There is no limit to the number of tracks in a Pro Tools session that can be accessed as tracks can be scrolled or banked on to the console faders as required using the on screen scroll and bank keys or via front panel user keys. Pro Tools Memory Locations can also be used to recall specific track layouts. When using System T as the primary control surface in a Pro Tools mix session, configuring two bays as a 32-fader surface and banking in 32 track increments is the optimal solution. When Pro Tools is being used as playback source together with other live console inputs configuring a dedicated 16 Fader DAW layer on a control bay with the other console bays available to handle standard input and output channel paths provides maximum flexibility.

Hardware control is via the System T Fader Tiles with the faders, switches and encoders mapped to DAW mixer functions instead of System T processing. The faders control DAW track level and the encoders track panning and send levels. A Flip function allows the faders to set send levels. Track arming and automation modes can be set via the Q switch. The DAW popout software interface available in the Channel View on the touch screen contains buttons to assign the encoder function, setup track automation modes, offers basic transport control, plus channel scrolling and banking buttons and other useful master functions. All these functions, together with additional commands available in the HUI protocol, can be mapped to User Keys in the Master Tile as well as incorporated into Event Manager.

A DAW Channel View interface replaces the standard System T path Channel View when a layer containing DAW Channels is selected on a Fader Tile. This DAW Channel interface shows additional information and provides touch screen control for an extensive collection of DAW track parameters.

DAW control is available with T-SOLSA software and will use the port selected in the Setup Options Network page to communicate with a Pro Tools system on another PC or Mac. A System-T fader tile may be connected via USB, enabling the T-SOLSA PC to function as a remote 16 fader DAW controller.

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