Dynamic automation system

DAS software option for complex audio production

Dynamic automation system (DAS) software option for complex audio production 

Dynamic automation has become a necessity for many major broadcast clients, for both live to air and complex television post production tasks. SSL has taken the history and heritage of its renowned Mix Automation developed for previous generation analogue and digital consoles, and updated this to match the flexible and mission-critical needs of a modern broadcast production environment.  

Automated parameters on the console are stored with mixes against MTC or LTC, and managed from within the consoles's file system. Touch sense faders and encoders, plus touch screen controls provide multiple ways of writing automation data across all processing on all channels and bus paths. with the ability to record mix data during play speed and stationary timecode, or when stepping through frames or markers, DAS provides ultimate control when conforming audio for picture. 

A mix is developed via multiple passes through the timeline, with each pass auto incrementing at the rollback position. Mixes stored in the Mix Pass manager can easily be recalled for printing later, or used as starting points for further mixes when working with drama film or music. Mix data can be constantly stored in the background showfile ensuring capture throughout lengthy live performances, ideal for situations with a short turnaround for minor post edits. 

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