Fader Tile

Additional System T control interface options

Flexible, adaptable and scaleable 

Additional System T Fader Tiles allow extremely flexible and adaptable configurations. Any System T Fader Tile and/or computer running T-SOLSA software can be combined within a single system along with main control surface(s), providing custom solutions to fit any application or environment.  For example a main control surface and two additional remote Fader Tiles can be connected to a single Tempest Engine.  

“What’s interesting for us, with the generation of students that we have now, and especially with the TCRs, is the touch screen option […] So many of our students will intuitively grab a ‘fader’ with their finger and slide it […] The Fader Tiles are so well constructed. We’re optimistic about their durability with novice users.”


Hands on, configurable control over signal paths

  • Freely configurable to control a variety of different signal paths with clear, bright colour coding.
  • Each tile has 16 faders with five layers, and four banks per layer.
  • Each fader strip has a 100mm motorised fader, level meter and a collection of status LED’s covering Dynamics, De-ess mode, Dialogue Automix and Remote AFV or Production Automation control.
  • Dedicated PFL Solo key plus back stop fader PFL.
  • Additional keys for Mute, AFL and Select, which controls a menu of tile functions in conjunction with the touch screen interface.
  • Three line OLED delivers a variety of visual feedback of data.
  • Multi function Quick Encoder with three switches.
  • Each strip features SSL’s acclaimed ‘Super-Q’ key which allows the user to spill the contributing elements or destinations for a selected fader/path across the control surface providing instant feedback and mix control either from a channel- or mix-centric view.
  • Querying a channel shows the destinations to which the channel is routed.
  • Querying a mix bus will show the channels that are contributing to that mix.

Fader Tile - Documents

Associated software and firmware downloads for this product are available with registered accounts on our support hub here.

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