Broadcast specification bidirectional MADI and Dante bridge

Standalone Broadcast Specification MADI to IP Audio Network Interface

The MADI-Bridge is a broadcast specification bridge between the MADI audio format and Dante. It is a bi-directional interface that can deliver 64 channels @ 48kHz (32 channels at 96kHz, 16 channels @ 192kHz). MADI-Bridge ‘Split Mode’ enables 2 x 32 channels @ 96kHz streams to be merged to form a single 64 channel @ 48kHz stream. 

MADI-Bridge also features bidirectional sample rate conversion between any asynchronous sample rates, from 44.1kHz to 192kHz. MADI-Bridge features redundant PSU, MADI and IP Network ports and in addition to the inbuilt clock redundancy options in Dante Controller, the MADI-Bridge also includes a pair of redundant sync inputs for use as a self-redundant Dante Grand master clock. 32bit MADI control tunnelling allows a pair of MADI-Bridges to be used to pass audio and user bits (including control data) of a whole MADI stream across a network.

  • Interface between MADI and IP Audio Networks using Dante.
  • Redundant: PSU, MADI ports, Dante Ports, Sync In - Full Broadcast Spec Redundancy.
  • Bidirectional sample rate conversion between any asynchronous sample rates, from 44.1kHz to 192kHz.
  • 32bit MADI control tunnelling.
  • GPIO connectivity - embed tallies across the network.
  • Redundant Network extension ports - Local IO at bridge without a switch.
  • Word Clock out - Clock a MADI device to the Dante Network.
  • Virtual Headphone Patch- 4 location Monitoring and Signal Present Metering to truly replace your patch bay with a digital network while retaining confidence and fault finding tools.
  • Lockout Mode - Prevent accidental alteration of front panel settings.

MADI-Bridge - Documents

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MADI-Bridge User Guide Rev.3


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