MADI Opti-Coax

Handy in-line converter between Optical and Coaxial MADI

MADI Opti-Coax

The SSL MADI Opti-Coax is a handy format converter box designed to convert up to 64 audio channels bi-directionally (64 in x 64 out; 32 channels @ 96 kHz) between the MADI Optical and MADI Coaxial formats. Its front panel is equipped with one set of MADI SC duplex optical input & output connectors and one set of MADI BNC coaxial input & output connectors.

Conversion takes place in real time with no latency and no audio degradation. In addition to simple format conversion, a pair of MADI Opti-Coax units can be used to extend a MADI Coax connection by up to 1 km by utilising the MADI Optical format.

MADI Opti-Coax is constructed from a rugged all metal case with non-slip rubber feet and is extremely simple to use, with a standard IEC C14 mains inlet for power. Up to three units can be housed side-by-side in a standard 19" rack. T-slots in either side of the unit provide further mounting options.

Key Features

  • MADI Optical to Coax converter
  • MADI Coax to Optical converter
  • Real time operation (no latency)
  • Extends your MADI distance coverage up to 1 km (Optical MADI)


OptiCoax Quickstart Guide



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