System T S500m

Flypack & OB audio production

Designed for flypack and OB audio applications, the S500m console delivers maximum control in a light weight and reduced form factor, whilst offering the same flagship performance and surface configurability as the S500. 

Turnkey and custom spec

The S500m can be specified as 32 and 48 fader versions with turnkey flight case solutions, or as a larger custom specification surface with up to 96 faders. 

OB production ready

The complexities involved in today's major sports and entertainment events mean OB production still requires broadcast consoles with high specification. The S500m provides all the flagship features of the System T S500 console, but is specifically designed to be over 25% lighter to suit OB and flypack applications where weight and portability are key concerns. This allows a complete production system to be easily transported in a purpose built rack case, providing a console stand, meter bridge shipping storage and two 8RU space for Tempest engines and Network I/O.   

“The number of inputs — up to 800, with EQ — and how we can quickly build mix-minuses, make it a great console for us. Plus, it’s very quick to set up. If you have a basic layout on your console, you arrive in the morning, just add inputs and it puts everything in the right order. In no time you’re ready to rock.”


Detachable meter bridge

Robust and optimised for transportation, the S500m's unique modular functionality also lets a console be deployed with or without an extended meter bridge. Meter bridge video can be displayed on console mounted screens or external multi-viewer  

S500m offers the same configurability as the S500 control surface, offering a range of touchscreen and hardware tiles that can be combined within a range of console frames to create a completely scaleable control system, built around your operator and production requirements.  

“This is a major step for the show. It's going to put us in the 21st century, as well as up our audio game quite a bit […] One of the selling points for us during the demo was the mic pre’s. These are the best that there are. We're super stoked about this desk.”


S500m - Documents

Associated software and firmware downloads for this product are available with registered accounts on our support hub here.

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