Real time control, offline preparation.

Remote Control & Offline Setup Software

SSL’s SOLSA (SSL On/Off Line Setup Application) is a stand-alone version of the SSL Live console software that can be run on any suitable PC. It is designed for both Offline project set up and configuration and 'Online' real time control of a console. SOLSA is not a software console! SOLSA is a fantastic way for anybody to explore and learn about the SSL Live console but the software does not have any processing capability so does not pass audio. Don't expect it to see your audio interface!

SSL Live. Remote Tile

The new SSl Live Remote Tile is a self-contained 12-fader extension for any console in the Live range. It features a Fader Tile identical in operation to those found within the consoles and requires just USB and IEC mains connections to function. Up to two Remote Tiles can be connected to each console. A rotary switch sets the ID of each Remote Tile. VESA mounting points are also provided on the underside of the Remote Tile for securely mounting to heavy duty VESA arms or furniture. The Remote Tile can be used to expand the capabilities of an L100 or added to L200, L300 or L500 Plus consoles to create very large console configurations.

SSL Live. Remote Expander

The SSL Live Remote Expander provides additional remote control options for SSL L500 or L300 Live consoles and can be located next to the main console or remotely using a standard Ethernet connection. Each Remote Expander features 24 or 36 faders and the same familiar 19" multi-touch screen interface used in the rest of the SSL Live console range.

Up to two Remote Expanders may be connected to an L500 or L300 console, providing a total of up to 110 faders for single or multi-operator applications. Control surface layers and banks are independently configurable for each console and Remote Expander in a system.

Each Remote Expander features dual redundant power supplies and support for an additional external screen. The Remote Expander can also be connected to a console in parallel with SOLSA, our PC software application, for a highly flexible remote control solution. Each Remote Expander or SOLSA instance provides an additional, independent, control interface into the main audio processing engine (it does not add more audio processing capacity!).

Offline preperation 

SOLSA can be used ‘offline’ when access to a console is not possible for preparation of show files. SOLSA allows creation and editing of Live console Showfiles on your laptop or desktop PC. Almost anything that can be done on a console can be manipulated and configured using SOLSA. This includes console architecture configuration and setup of Fader Tile Layers and Banks. Stageboxes and I/O routing can also be assigned along with the creation of scenes and other automation editing. SOLSA also allows you to add effects, manipulate channel processing settings, bus routing and VCA assignments.

Real Time Online Control

SOLSA can also be connected to a console using a wired or wireless connection* for real time ‘online’ control of the console from a laptop or PC. A laptop or touchscreen connected to any suitable PC running SOLSA can be placed alongside a console or in a remote location to provide control over a wide range of console parameters. This can be used to create a remote mix or submix position. Parameter changes made via SOLSA will be reflected on the console.
Up to two SSL Remote Tiles can also be connected directly to the SOLSA PC to expand hands on control for a remote mix position.
*Wireless access point required.

SOLSA System Requirments

The following are minimum requirements for SOLSA to run correctly on your computer.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Up-to-date version of Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit operating system
  • Installations of the Windows operating systems listed above may be run on Intel-based Apple Mac computers using a multi-boot utility such as Boot Camp or virtual environments such as Parallels. The hardware requirements listed below still apply to these environments.


  • Minimum 8GB RAM recommended
  • 2.6GHz Dual core CPU or higher
  • 200MB hard disk space
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 recommended

What You Will Need

  • A account (visit Solid State Logic Registration to create one for free)
  • An active internet connection during installation
  • Appropriate privileges to install software on your PC

SOLSA - Documents & Downloads

SOLSA Software V5.2.29


SSL Live Brochure


SOLSA - Legacy Software

Legacy V5.2.18 SOLSA Software is only compatible with V5.2.18 console software


Legacy V5.1.14 SOLSA Software is only compatible with V5.1.14 console software


Legacy V5.0.13 SOLSA Software is only compatible with V5.0.13 console software


Legacy V4.11.18 SOLSA Software is only compatible with V4.11.18 console software


Legacy V4.10.17 SOLSA Software is only compatible with V4.10.17 console software


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