System T

Next-gen production platform optimised for immersive music

Produce cutting-edge music and immersive content,

quickly and efficiently

Solid State Logic are regarded as pioneers in surround sound production technology, continually innovating and designing mixing consoles which empower engineers to push the boundaries of what’s considered possible. System T continues this, combining SSL’s legacy with the next generation of production tools required to make immersive music production fast, efficient and sound stunning.

System T bridges the gap between commonly found DAW and controller setups, and what’s achievable when working on a real console. Its combination of cutting-edge digital audio handling and advanced production workflows, including Dolby Atmos, are complemented by legendary SSL production tools optimised for immersive music production, providing multi-format immersive and object signal paths.

Full SSL dynamics and EQ are available on every channel and bus, along with 3D panning, DAW control, Dynamic Automation, Dante integration and an inbuilt effect rack. Rounding off System T’s immersive production toolkit is a market-leading monitor section, providing up to 9.1.6 control room monitoring. System T is the next-gen production platform which allows your facility and engineers to excel at producing cutting-edge music and immersive content which stands above the competition.

System T’s ‘Tempest Engine’ DSP is built around our renowned Tempest processing technology. Its agile architecture allows engineers to start with a blank canvas and build the exact console needed for the task at hand. Channels, buses, sends and inserts can be configured exactly as required and easily changed at any point. Patching and routing can easily be managed directly from the console software. Everything can then be saved as a fully recallable setup, or template for future sessions.

Next-gen production tools:

  • Multiformat immersive and object signal paths
  • 3D XYZ and rotational Theta pan
  • Full 9.1.6 monitor section
  • Inbuilt Effect Rack
  • Onboard Dynamic Automation
  • Integrated DAW Control
  • Full SSL Dynamics & EQ every channel and bus
  • Up to 800 audio channels
  • 64-bit floating point audio processing

“After seeing and — most importantly — hearing SSL’s demo console in an immersive environment, we were once again reminded why SSL continues to be at the forefront of any market they’re involved in” - Todd Tidwell, Chief Engineer - Starstruck Studios

Immersive by design

Mixing in immersive has never been this simple on a real console. System T is designed for multiple immersive audio formats including Dolby Atmos Music, specifically with 7.1.2 beds. Individual channel and bus formats are configurable up to 7.1.4. A full monitor section provides up to 9.1.6 control room monitoring with 2x24-way external source selectors and a renderer insert point. Included as standard are multi-channel Effects Rack modules including 7.1.2 bus compressors. Fully featured and intuitive 3D panning, with both XYZ and rotational Theta pan modes provides a rich panning experience not found elsewhere. Integrated object control is provided for DAW hosted panner plugins. Compressor and gate link busses allow grouped processing across discrete object paths without compromise. A dedicated LFE only bus routing feature simplifies object signal flows.

DAW control

Control up to 4 Avid Pro Tools DAWs direct from the console hardware and touch screen. DAW control faders can be freely assigned anywhere across the surface alongside console channels and busses. DAW faders, cuts, pan, sends and plugins can be controlled using console faders, encoders, and touch screens. On-screen or physical user key buttons provide transport control, location functions and DAW automation commands. An S500 switchable video input brings the DAW display into the console, keeping you sat in the sweet spot.

Dynamic automation

A full onboard timecode driven dynamic automation system built specifically for revision-based music mixing can be enabled within the console software. Dedicated console-wide modes for each processing block, and per-channel protect functions allow as much or as little to be automated as needed. An unlimited number of mix passes can be stored, automatically packaged when a showfile is saved. DAW timecode can be followed using a simple MTC over network connection, or a dedicated LTC and MIDI hardware unit.

Digital audio handling

64-bit floating point processing provides unparalleled audio quality, ensuring unlimited audio headroom with the power to execute algorithms within a single sample. Internal 48kHz or 96kHz operation caters for all modern digital production requirements. Digital never sounded so analogue.

SSL production tools

System T features extensive range of channel, bus, and Effect Rack processing tools. Many optimased for immersive music production. Every channel and bus features comprehensive SSL processing. Including two dynamics sections, including gates, expanders, limiters, and compressors. High and low pass filters, with selectable slopes. Four band EQ with variable modes per band; including precise constant Q mode, legacy SSL channel strip mode, shelving and notch modes.

A set of over 60 additional effects and tools are available in the onboard SSL Effect Rack. With ultra-low latency and a dedicated DSP pool, these effects can be used on inserts or any other signal patch point. The selection includes the renowned SSL bus compressor, a multiband compressor, dynamic EQs, tape echo, modulation tools, reverbs, VHD saturation, a transient shaper and many more.

Digital patch bay 

System T features native Dante support with high capacity (512ch) Dante HC cards and a full range of SSL Network I/O. With our renowned range of SuperAnalogueTM mic pres, line level I/O for your outboard gear and digital connectivity, SSL Network I/O has you covered. The console provides fully integrated Dante routing and patching control, recalling all signal connections alongside your session. The console is your digital patch bay.

“I did my research and found out that System T has a 7.1.4 mix bus, unlike pretty much any other console out there, so I said, ‘OK, this is the way to go.’” Rick Camp, Mix Master Live

Control surfaces

System T offers a range of silent, fanless control surface hardware to suit all requirements. The platform uses a common user interface, providing identical feature sets and portability of projects across the entire range.

S500 - Scalable and customisable modular control surface available in a range of frame sizes and bay configurations. Flexible meterbridge options, dedicated master section hardware, multiple large multi-gesture touch screens, integrated KVM. S500 is available in 16 to 384 fader configurations. S500m is available in 16 to 64 fader configurations.

S300 - Fixed layout control surface available in 16, 32 and 48 fader configurations, with 1, 2, or 3 large multi gesture touch screens.

Touch screens, Fader Tiles and Tempest Control Rack can be combined to create workstations for use in smaller breakout production rooms.

“I did 10 albums in two and a half months because the console let me do it... I do a set up and I can save it, and when the next band comes if I use the same mics then it’s already saved. The gains are already done, the workflow is already done…it’s very quick.”" Gianni Bini - House of Glass

Processing engine 

The processing core of the system is the Tempest Engine. Providing unparallel audio performance with 64-bit floating-point processing in a compact rackmount chassis. Simple network connections allow the units to be located anywhere in your facility, keeping the control room clear for outboard equipment and hands on tools. The Tempest Engine is available in two sizes (TE1 or TE2) with five possible processing packs.

TE1 – 1RU unit with up to 256 processing paths

TE2 – 2RU unit with up to 800 processing paths

Paths and processing options

License Options

All path count @ 48kHz

All path count @ 96kHz



Processing Pack 1



Processing Pack 2



Processing Pack 3




Processing Pack 4




Processing Pack 5




SuperAnalogue™ Network I/O

The SSL Network I/O provides a comprehensive range of options for connecting mics, analogue or digital devices, MADI based systems, MIDI and LTC.

SB32.24 - SuperAnalogue mic/line/digital I/O. 32 mic/line in, 16 line out, 4 AES I/O pairs.

SB16.12 - SuperAnalogue mic/line/digital I/O. 16 mic/line in, 8 line out, 2 AES I/O pairs.

SBi16 - SuperAnalogue mic/line I/O. 16 mic/line in. 4 GPIO.

SB8.8 - SuperAnalogue mic/line I/O. 8 mic/line in, 8 line out.

A16.D16 - SuperAnalogue mic/line/digital I/O. 4 mic/line in, 12 line in, 16 line out, 8 AES I/O pairs ,4 GPIO.

A32 - SuperAnalogue line I/O. 32 line in, 32 line out.

D64 - Digital I/O. 32 AES I/O pairs.

MADI Bridge - MADI Dante Bridge with headphone monitoring, signal presence metering and Video/WC clock interfacing. (Available as MM or SM fibre versions).

TCM1 - Classic MIDI* and LTC connectivity for System T surface, plus additional GPIO. *Note console surface also supports ipMIDI connection for networked MIDI.

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