TaCo (Tablet Control)

Control & Flexibility In One Tablet

Perfectly Designed For Engineers & Artists 

The SSL Live TaCo (Tablet Control) mix app provides wireless control of SSL Live consoles from iPad, Mac and Android devices. Designed for both engineers and artists, the app can be limited to control an individual Aux mix or easily unlocked to control all path fader levels and path controls. 

A clear graphical interface with long throw faders and intuitive multi-touch control provides optimum touch screen mixing in critical live environments. 

On Stage Advantages

The TaCo app can be used by both monitor engineers and artists. The app can be limited to control the levels to an individual Aux mix or unlocked from the console to quickly and easily control all mixes from a single screen. Multiple tablets can be connected simultaneously for providing mix capabilities to each performer on stage. TaCo utilises the same Query technology as the Live console, meaning only the channels routed to the selected Aux are displayed. Using the Live console’s Stem groups, input channels can be combined into logical sub groups to provide the performer with a simplified set of faders. 

TaCo System Requirements

The SSL TaCo mix application is available for free, for iOS and Mac from the App Store, and for Android from Google Play. 

Compatibility: TaCo is not a stand-alone application and requires connection to an SSL Live console running V4.7 or later software.

*A wireless router or access point is required for wireless connectivity. 

Engineer Mode

TaCo’s Engineer Mode offers the ability to remote control all channel processing parameters for every path. This includes filters, EQ, dynamics and time-based processing, as well as inserted effects. TaCo can also control bus, Mute Group and VCA assignments as well as input gain and trim. TaCo is especially useful for L100 and L200 users when it is positioned on the Tablet Tile, providing a channel processing control interface within easy reach. Selecting a path on the console will display that path’s channel processing on the tablet. L100 and L200 users now have a choice between adjusting processing parameters from the main screen, quick controls or a tablet running TaCo. L350 and L550 users can also benefit from TaCo as an extra control surface in this way. 

Query Mode

TaCo can remotely control the console's Query mode, allowing the console to 'flip' its faders to control bus sends when selecting a channel or mix bus from the app.  

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