Tempest Control Rack

The power of System T in 3RU

Control interface PC in a 3U rack

The Tempest Control Rack (TCR) offers an ideal solution for broadcast environments where a powerful broadcast audio mixer is required but a traditional console is not. The Tempest Control Rack consists of a 3RU enclosure. TCR runs the complete System T control software so acts as a stand-alone control interface for a System T installation. When combined with a Tempest Engine, the Tempest Control Rack creates a standalone System T mixer in a rack. This combination is ideal for Production Automation controlled studios or can be combined with SSL Stageboxes to create a ‘Flypack’ for remote production. Operator positions including a fader tile and touchscreen can be built into furniture for studio installations. TCR features dual PSUs, redundant network connectivity for media and engine control networks and network connectivity for other System T control interfaces or TCA software control from any PC on the network. There are HDMI and DVI-D video outputs, plus front and rear panel USB connections for keyboard, mouse and USB storage devices.

TCR for Station Automated Audio Production

The combination of the Tempest Control Rack (TCR), a System T processor Engine and SSL Network I/O delivers a system that is ideally suited to Production Automation driven facilities. System T is compatible with EVS Cerebrum, Grass Valley Ignite, Kahuna, Ross Overdrive, Sony ELC and Viz Mosart production automation systems. In the example system shown here we have the main System T Engine located in a Machine Room accompanied by a Tempest Control Rack. Network I/O units in the Machine Room provide baseband audio interconnection as required. In the Production Gallery, console software control is provided via a Touchscreen and Fader Tile which are connected via video and USB extension to the Tempest Control Rack. There is Control Room I/O for monitoring. SSL Network I/O units can be placed on the studio floor or anywhere in the facility to provide I/O where required.

TCR for Remote ‘Flypack’ Production

The combination of the Tempest Control Rack (TCR) and Tempest Engine creates a broadcast audio production system with all of the features and power of a traditional broadcast console in just 4RU (TE1) or 5RU (TE2). The System T ‘Flypack’ is an ideal solution to the challenges of remote broadcast audio production for sports and large scale events.

The Flypack contains a combination of the Tempest Control Rack, a System T processor Engine and SSL Network I/O to deliver a system that is extremely versatile and ideally suited to deployment as a portable flight cased solution. Remote production can take many forms, whether discrete audio channels back to the Broadcast facility, a skeleton crew mixing parts of the show from temporary onsite locations or remotely controlled processing and I/O configured and controlled via backhaul links to a broadcast centre. System T’s modular design and use of standard networking technology allows all these options. A TCR can be remotely controlled from other consoles or PC software. Discrete audio or premixed feeds can be supplied to video backhaul or codecs via ST 2110-30, AES67, Dante or any audio format using SSL’s Network I/O range.

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