TE2 Tempest Engine

Patented Optimal Core Processing technology and scalable DSP.

800 path capacity

Developed around SSL’s patented Optimal Core Processing (OCP) software using arrayed industrial PC hardware in a controlled operating environment, the new TE2 Tempest engine is housed in a lightweight, efficiently cooled 2RU chassis and offers five processing packs to scale in harmony with your production requirements.

Software licenses are available as perpetual or short-term time-based rental options. TE1 supports Processing Pack 1 & 2, TE2 supports all five packs. All System T surface and control variants can operate with all engines and software packs. TE1 offers 256 path capacity and TE2 offers 800 path capacity. Paths and processing can be dynamically allocated in real time without interrupting audio. 

With upto 2048 inputs and 2048 outputs per engine, System T TE2 can handle any large-scale production. Tempest engines can be deployed as mirrored redundant pairs, with instant audio changeover, if required each engine can be placed in separate physical zones. TE2 supports upto 4 Network I/O HC  cards, each providing 512 channels of inputs and 512 outputs.

•    Scalable DSP featuring flexible and agile processing capacity licences
•    Path pool - Up to 800
•    Path processing pool - 800 Dyn, 800 EQ, 400 Delay
•    Simultaneous inputs & outputs - Up to 2048
•    AoIP routing for unlimited total IO capacity
•    Redundancy Options 
•    SSL's patented Optimal Core Processing Technology 

TE2 Tempest Engine - Documents

Associated software and firmware downloads for this product are available with registered accounts on our support hub here.

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Tempest Engine


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