Tempest Control App

Full Broadcast Audio Production from a Software Application

The Tempest Control App (TCA) offers an ideal solution for broadcast environments where a powerful broadcast audio mixer is required but a traditional console is not. Tempest Control App brings the full feature-set of System T into a software application with direct control of Tempest Engines. Tempest Control App provides a control offering for applications including remote production, news-room production, backup scenarios or anywhere where a physical control surface may not be required.

When combined with a Tempest Engine, Tempest Control App creates a standalone System T mixer in a tiny form factor. A system can be as small as a 1U TE1 Tempest Engine and Mini PC, or Tempest Control App can be run in a virtual machine on a shared server. 

Optional hardware means operator positions including a fader tile and touchscreen can be built into furniture for studio installations, or flypacks for remote applications.


  • Virtualised – no need for dedicated control surface hardware
  • Unrestricted – complete control of the System T feature set
  • Remote or At Home – Full IP connectivity to Tempest Engines, I/O and other control surfaces
  • Hands on – up to six System T Fader Tiles and a Master Tile can be connected


Tempest Control App can be augmented with a fader tile and touch screen to provide physical controls.

Fader Tile

Fader Tile

Master Tile


TCA for Station Automated Audio Production 

The combination of the Tempest Control App (TCA), a Tempest Engine and SSL Network I/O delivers a system that is ideally suited to Production Automation driven facilities. TCA can run on a dedicated PC or virtualised on shared server hardware, saving space and budget.

System T is compatible with EVS Cerebrum, Grass Valley Ignite, Kahuna, Ross Overdrive, Sony ELC and Viz Mosart production automation systems. In the example system shown here we have the main System T Engine located in a Machine Room accompanied by a Tempest Control Rack. Network I/O units in the Machine Room provide baseband audio interconnection as required. In the Production Gallery, console software control is provided via a Touchscreen and Fader Tile which are connected via video and USB extension to the Tempest Control Rack. There is Control Room I/O for monitoring. SSL Network I/O units can be placed on the studio floor or anywhere in the facility to provide I/O where required.

TCA for Remote Flypack Production 

System T is inherently suited to remote production due to the distributed, IP connected building blocks of control surfaces, processing and I/O.

For events requiring an on-site audio console (where low-latency audio feeds are needed), a system could consist of a TE1, local I/O, network switches and a laptop or mini-PC running TCA. A fader tile could be added if onsite physical controls are needed.

System T’s advanced surface connectivity options mean that another control surface – of any size – can remotely connect as and when needed to the TCA running on-site, providing a large-format control surface in an ideal studio environment to remotely control the audio processing happening on-site.

TCA for Backup 

TCA can be deployed as a backup control surface for mission-critical applications, without the physical requirements of a traditional console. Utilising System T’s Dormant Backup feature, TCA (or any System T control surface) can take control of active audio processing in an instant, through a single button push.

TCA for Additional Operators

TCA can be used to provide additional operator positions for scenarios requiring two or more operators. These can be configured as permanent or temporary connections, easily managed through System T’s advanced remote capabilities. Fader tiles and touch screens can be connected to each instance to provide physical controls.

TCA for Offline Prep 

TCA can be used as a standalone, offline application to prepare showfiles in advance or for system training and familiarisation. TCA replaces the previous T-SOLSA software package and continues to be available free-of-charge for offline and remote operation.

Tempest Control App - Documents

Associated software and firmware downloads for this product are available with registered accounts on our support hub here.

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