Three part video series exploring BiG SiX for live performance

Many electronic musicians are evolving their DJ sets into full live performances, using a combination of stems, hardware instruments and FX, as well as in-the-box processing. It opens new creative possibilities and ways to keep the crowd moving whilst you construct a track in real time. Weather it’s minimalist techno, 140’s jungle or a jackin’ house beat, BiG SiX brings advanced hybrid studio workflow and renowed SSL analogue processing to your live performance, allowing you to get truly hands on with your sound with the best of both digital and analogue worlds.  

Dub started it all... 

For many, Dub music was the catalyst for electronic music, so thought it appropriate to team up with Toby Davis, producer and mix engineer from Gentleman’s Dub Club and the good people at Attack Magazine to create a three-part video series, giving you tutorials, unparalleled insight into the dubbing process and a full live performance from Toby himself.

Jump into part one for an overview of BiG SiX and how its console-grade processing, advanced USB routing and superior sounds quality will get the best from your live performance.