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Solid State Logic’s Legacy in Control 

Advanced workflow is at the heart of Solid State Logic’s design philosophy. All the way back to the legendary 4000E console, SSL have led the way in developing tools which revolutionise the way we interact with our productions and harness creativity. Fast forward to today, SSL’s UF1, UF8 and UC1 controllers are doing the same once again. Removing barriers and connecting artists, producers, and engineers closer to their technical and creative workflow. The result? Better quality productions that come together effortlessly, with subtlety and emotion that sets them apart.

UF1 DAW Control Centre 

UF1 is the ultimate single fader controller for anyone who wants comprehensive control of their DAW, bringing SSL’s renowned advanced workflow to in-the-box productions. UF1 boasts a premium 100 mm motorized fader, dual high-resolution displays, soft-feel durable rubber keys and a weighted jog wheel, all encased in a robust metal chassis. UF1 offers complete control of a DAW’s pans, sends, plug-in control and more, plus the ability to customise 46 soft keys specifically to your workflow. Clear and insightful visual feedback, intuitive control and deep integration with the SSL Meter Plug-in and SSL 360° software - UF1 offers power and control never seen before from a controller of this size.

1 To Control Them All

100 mm Motorised Fader 

Quality feel, engineered response and a volume curve that keeps engineers in the sweet spot. Anyone who has driven an SSL console knows not all faders are equal.

Transport & Jog Wheel 

Dedicated transport controls and a weighted jog wheel make moving around large sessions quick and efficient. Secondary transport keys can be customised to essential workflow shortcuts such as loop on/off or press the shift button to access DAW automation.

1.7” and 4.3” LCD TFT Displays 

UF1’s dual high-resolution displays provide in-depth visual feedback of DAW track names, parameters, time display, the SSL Meter plug-in and 360-enabled channel strips in the SSL Plug-in Mixer.

Multi-Purpose Large Encoder 

UF1’s large, multi-purpose notched encoder allows for channel banking, mouse wheel emulation (Focus mode) and control of computer system volume.

Human Engineering 

For perfect positioning, each UF1 includes a pair of adjustable stands allowing for six different angles of elevation for user defined placement.

Customised Workflow 

UF1 is powered by SSL 360° software where you can configure keyboard shortcuts and custom macros for total session control via 46 assignable, backlit user keys.

*As an eligible SSL hardware owner, you can claim a 6-month FREE Complete Access subscription. After 6 months you will go onto a month-to-month plan of $34.99.

You can claim this via registering your controller in the user portal and then clicking 'Get Additional Software'. See this FAQ to find out more (link to FAQ that tells user how to register their hardware).

Please note this offer is offered once per user, regardless of how many pieces of eligible controller hardware you own.

Meter Plug-in and SSL 360° Integration 

When purchasing from an authorised dealer, each UF1 includes a perpetual license for the SSL Meter plug-in (worth $99.99), which is visualised on the large 4.3” IPS display and can be controlled directly from the UF1 surface and the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer. The SSL Meter Plug-in offers essential metering tools including Peak & RMS levels, K-System, stereo balance, phase corelation bar, Lissajous phase scope, 31-band RTA, VU and PPM metering.

True Peak & RMS Levels + K-System 

Dual True Peak and RMS meters, supplemented by max and current text readouts give you essential feedback on levels and overloads. A Lissajous phase scope with adjustable fade rate, together with a phase correlation meter and stereo balance bar helps flag phase and imaging issues within your stereo mix.

31-band Real-Time Analyser (RTA)

The 31-band Real-Time Analyser (RTA) displays the frequency spectrum of your instrument or mix allowing you to pinpoint any problem areas. You can interrogate each band for precise frequency values, as well as being able to adjust the Peak hold time and Averaging time to suit the source material.

Analogue metering for your DAW.

Choose between VU (Volume Unit) and PPM (Peak Programme Meter Type II) modes. VUs and PPMs have been trusted metering tools amongst recording and broadcast engineers for decades and continue to provide highly valuable feedback about mix balances.

Expand UF1 with SSL UC1 and UF8 Controllers

UF1 can be used on its own or partnered with UF8 for an even deeper SSL DAW control experience. UF1 is also the perfect hardware expansion for the UC1 SSL plug-in controller, adding fader control and providing easy access to SSL 360°-enabled channel strip parameters alongside visual feedback of EQ curves.

For the ultimate SSL controller setup offering full SSL virtual console workflow, combine up to four UF8s with UC1 and UF1.

UF1 & UC1

The Perfect Hardware Expansion for UC1 Plug-in Control

UF1 is the perfect hardware expansion for the UC1 plug-in controller, providing a feature set that expands UC1's capabilities.

When the UF1 is set to control the SSL Plug-in Mixer, the centre of the large display shows you the EQ curve of each 360-enabled channel strip.

In addition, UF1 provides a physical fader and easy access to parameters that live in the UC1 Extended Functions menu such as Width, Pan, Mic Gain and Comp Mix – which means no more menu diving!

Engaging the MASTER button, decouples UF1 and UC1, allowing you to control 2 different 360° channel strips independently.

UF1 & UF8

Expanded DAW Control System

UF1 is the perfect complement to the UF8 control surface, providing dedicated transport controls, a weighted jog wheel and the ability to control the DAW’s master fader*.

For added flexibility, the multi-purpose CHANNEL encoders can be set to different modes – for example, have UF8 set to bank through channels, whilst UF1 works in Focus mode for fast plug-in control for any parameter you hover your mouse over.

*MCU DAWs only

Open DAW Policy

UF1 integrates with all major DAWs and includes workflow ready templates for Ableton® Live™, Cubase™/Nuendo™, Pro Tools®, Logic Pro®, Studio One®, LUNA™, Pyramix™, Mixbus™, REAPER™, Bitwig® and Digital Performer® . Many producers and engineers prefer to split their creative process across multiple DAWs. UF1 is uniquely flexible and promotes SSL's Open DAW Policy - Control 3 different DAWs simultaneously and keep your production and mixdown process agile.


UF8 & UF1 feature a customisable MIDI CC Layer for controlling synthesisers, sample libraries and external processing units such as modular synths and reverbs.

System Requirements 

SSL 360° software must be installed on your Mac or Windows computer in order to use SSL UF1. SSL 360° is available for FREE from the 'Documents & Downloads' tab on this page.

SSL 360° software requires the following:

  • Mac OS - 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey, 13 Ventura, 14 Sonoma .
  • Windows 10, Windows 11 (including 12th Gen Intel Machines)
  • Intel 3rd Gen Core i5 (or comparable AMD processor) CPU running at 2.4GHz or higher
  • 8GB RAM or more is recommended
  • Internet-connection for software updates from SSL 360° application

Supported DAWs

The following DAWs are officially supported by UF1 and have dedicated profiles in SSL 360°. We only officially test with the most recent versions of each DAW software. In most cases, previous versions will also work fine.

  • Pro Tools®
  • Logic Pro®
  • Cubase™ / Nuendo™
  • Ableton® Live™
  • Studio One®
  • LUNA™
  • Pyramix™
  • MixBus™
  • Bitwig®
  • Digital Performer®

It’s always recommended for you to be working with the latest major version and maintenance release of your DAW supported by your operating system.

Don’t See Your DAW in the list?

Many other DAWs have HUI & MCU controller integration. At the time of writing, we provide dedicated UF1 profiles for the list of DAWs above. For more information on the kind of integration you can expect between UF1 and DAWs not listed above, please see this FAQ page via the button below.


  • 100 mm high quality motorised SSL fader.
  • 2 x high resolution displays, including a large 4.3” TFT LCD display for visual feedback of DAW track names, parameters, time display, the SSL Meter plug-in and 360°-enabled channel strips in the SSL Plug-in Mixer.
  • Dedicated Transport controls and weighted jog/scrub wheel for total session control.
  • Dedicated HUI and MCU DAW Profiles for:
    • Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, LUNA, Pyramix, Bitwig® and Digital Performer®.
    • UF1 can switch to control the MASTER fader in MCU protocol DAWs.
  • Proprietary control of the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer
  • Seamless integration with the SSL Meter plug-in (perpetual license included), with the metering plug-in visualised on the large 4.3” IPS display and control from the UF1 surface and SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer.
  • SSL Meter offers essential meter tools including Peak & RMS levels, K-System, stereo balance, phase corelation bar, Lissajous phase scope, 31-band RTA, VU and PPM metering.
  • Extend the functionality of UC1:
    • Control 360°-enabled channel strips such as Channel Strip 2 and 4K B directly from the UF1 surface and view the EQ curve on the UF1 large display.
    • Master mode for the Plug-in Mixer allows UF1 to control a different channel strip to the one that is selected on UC1.
  • Fully featured DAW Controller in a compact footprint. Control DAW Pans, Sends, Plug-ins and Virtual Instruments with ease.
  • 46 customisable user keys ready to assign your favourite DAW commands or keyboard shortcuts.
  • Secondary Transport row of keys can be customised to essential workflow shortcuts such as Loop on/off and click track on/off. Or press the Shift button for fast access to DAW automation modes.
  • Fader Mode allows you to use the 4 V-Pots underneath the large screen to control 4 track volumes at the same time.
  • A large multi-purpose notched encoder allows for track banking, mouse wheel emulation for hands-on control and control over computer system volume.
  • Use UF1 on its own, or partner with UF8 and/or UC1 to enhance the functionality of both products.
  • 2 x assignable foot-switch inputs.
  • Up to 3 different DAWs can be connected simultaneously and switched between using the Layer keys.

Powered by the SSL 360° Software application.


  • 1 x 100 mm high quality, touch-sensitive motorised faders.
  • 5 x rotary endless rotary encoders with push.
  • Large 4.3” IPS LCD TFT high-resolution colour display.
  • Additional 1.77” LCD TFT high-resolution colour display.
  • Backlit RGB soft-feel rubber buttons.
  • All metal enclosure, finished with a brushed anodised top plate.
  • Included stands allow for 6 different elevation angles. Or use without stands.
  • Connects to your computer via hi-speed USB – no need to deal with computer networks or ethernet cables.
  • Width 205 mm / 8.07”, Height 265.9 mm / 10.46”, Depth 62.5 mm / 2.46”


Use the SSL Download Manager to install and manage your SSL plug-ins. Click on the button below to get started.

For offline installers, please visit this FAQ.


UF1 User Guide


SSL Studio Tools Brochure