X-Light Bridge

High channel count, ultra-low latency Dante interface

X-Light is a high channel count, ultra-low latency interface, carrying 256x256 channels of 96 kHz 24-bit audio plus control data between SSL Live consoles and Dante devices on stage via a single cable. Featuring ruggedised connectors and cable redundancy, X-Light has been designed to offer a Dante I/O solution that is reliable and quick to deploy in the field, while maintaining many of the benefits of a scalable and flexible AoIP network. 

X-Light establishes SSL Live as the first live sound console with enough Dante I/O to handle stage inputs for mid to large scale touring applications. With SSL Live, users are not limited to 64 Dante channels or a 48 kHz sample rate. X-Light cables are used to connect consoles to an X-Light Bridge unit on stage, from which Dante and Control Data is distributed to Dante Stageboxes via network switches. 

All new SSL Live consoles can be specified with X-Light connections, owners of existing SSL Live console can upgrade to L350/L550 to take advantage of X-Light.

  • High channel count, ultra-low latency interface for SSL Live console and Dante I/O
  • 256 x 256 channels @ 96kHz 24-bit.
  • Ruggedised connectors and cables.
  • Redundancy.   
  • Control data.
  • Compatible with all consoles in the SSL Live range. 

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