When you make a purchase via the SSL eStore, the product is automatically registered to your SSL Account and deposited to your iLok Account

When you make a purchase via a third-party dealer (such as Sweetwater), you will be provided with either an iLok Activation code, or an SSL Redeemable Code. Identify the type of code you have, and follow the instructions below.

SSL Redeemable Code 

e.g. ‘790534-1014-46-6310B72F'

To redeem a third-party reseller code: 

  1. Sign up for an SSL Account, or log into your SSL Account if you already have one. 
  1. Go to https://account.solidstatelogic.com/redeem
  1. Enter your code and your iLok User ID. 
  1. Click ‘Submit’. 

The product will be deposited to your iLok account, and the product will be registered to your SSL account. 

iLok Activation Code 

e.g. ‘1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-1234-12'

Redeeming an iLok Activation Code will deposit the product to your iLok account, but it will not appear in your SSL account.

To redeem a iLok Activation Code, please follow the guide on the iLok website: https://www.ilok.com/#!support/help/102029546/102029563/102029628

We are currently working on integrating the SSL Account system with iLok – please bear with us! In future, your historical purchases will appear in your SSL Account once you have linked it to your iLok account.

For more information, please read this FAQ.


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