Unmatched audio quality and platform flexibility for a dynamic production environment

System T is the only console platform that presents such a powerful and flexible choice for production studios working on broadcast entertainment shows. From delivering the audio quality that SSL is justifiably famous for to a range of powerful and unique features that dovetail tightly into the most exacting audio production, System T really is the perfect broadcast audio platform for large-scale entertainment.

Music often lies at the heart of large-scale broadcast entertainment shows

Audio production has to respond to a dynamic set of requirements. System T’s flexible DSP processing allows for changes to be undertaken on the fly without interrupting audio, whilst the in-built FX Rack provides all internal effects processing. 

‘Record rehearsal’ allows a performance to be recorded and played back so that a mix can be tweaked and perfected before going live. The Dynamic Automation option provides recording to timecode, allowing a mix to be  refined and polished before transmission. With in-built DAW control for tracking,  Dialogue Automix for managing multiple presenters for the biggest shows, and the ability to mix and deliver multi-format audio, System T provides a unique set of entertainment focused tools.

NGA & Immersive audio

High-profile entertainment programming is leading the demand for immersive content. With System T everything required to output up to 7.1.4 alongside the standard stereo and 5.1 mixes is already onboard without any major workflow changes required. Any channel or bus can be any of the available formats (up to 7.1.4), while 3-axis panning and downmixing capabilities are built in.

System T also has advanced tools for manipulating spatial audio built into the console. The 360° Transcoder is an FX Rack plugin that enables users to connect a spatial audio mic directly to the console and it provides all the tools required tools to steer the incoming source to achieve the desired result. Whilst the unique Binaural Encoder allows for the creation of immersive audio via two channels, which is in increasing  in demand given the growth of listening via mobile devices.

Audio over IP

System T utilises Audinate’s Dante technology stack, including the Dante API managing audio routing of SSL Network I/O and over 2000 third party AoIP products directly in the console GUI, including automatic discovery. SSL AoIP devices enable transmitting and subscribing to ST 2110 or AES67 streams on the same Dante interface, opening up interoperability to many more devices including IP video systems.

With System T you can have the best of all IP worlds as the audio routing is performed directly on COTS network hardware, not proprietary TDM audio routing hardware. Learn more in our AoIP overview.

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