Create music at home or in the studio, on your own or with friends. Use the tools that get you heard

We’ve been involved in helping musicians, producers and engineers create amazing music for 40 years, and all that knowledge and experience is at the heart of our audio creation products. As the next generation of aspiring music professionals, get your music heard by using the tools and technology that are still at the forefront of making hit music.

What will you create?

Make your music come to life with our SSL 2 and SSL 2+ audio interfaces, with all the tools you need to perfect your sound.

They’re the heart of your new Solid State Logic personal studio. Class-leading mic preamps. Pro Neutrik connectors. Punchy instrument inputs. Studio-quality monitoring. Incredible SSL Production Pack software bundle.Then elevate your sound to the next level with our unique ‘Legacy 4K’ analogue enhancement.

Get hands on with SSL mixers and DAW controllers

Need to expand your set up to include ‘hands on’ mixing or record/monitor multiple sources? Our range of mixers and DAW controllers provide the solution.

SiX is our super compact console that uses our SSL SuperAnalogue™ design – it gives you the sonic signature of a large format SSL console on your desktop or in your backpack. Its signal path is fully balanced from front to back on everything except the headphone output. It delivers pristine, detailed audio with wide dynamic range, ultra-low noise, ultra-low distortion and superb imaging. 

Nucleus2 is a compact, portable desktop unit that creates a comfortable, efficient, hands on operating environment for DAW based music production. It provides everything you need to record and monitor audio and to control your DAW quickly, so you focus on your sound, not your screen.

Matrix2 is the ideal console/controller for your hybrid production studio. It is the most elegant solution available today for those who wish to incorporate the sonic advantages of SSL summing and a collection of boutique analogue mic pre's & processors into their DAW centred studio workflow.

FX plug-ins and processing

If you are using a computer-based DAW and want the SSL sound, our Native plug-ins provide the precision, advanced feature set and legendary tonal characteristics of SSL audio products in affordable plug-in form. With a core selection of FX processors including EQ's and compressors based on our hit-making console technology, everyone can add that sparkle and polish to their digital recordings.

The latest Native release provides authorisation onto a computer or iLok dongle, and the complete SSL Native plug-in collection is available on a monthly subscription via Gobbler or the plug-ins can be purchased outright from the SSL Web Store.

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