Production tools making it easy to create professional audio for your content 

Media production has never been so easy, but making it sound great is a different matter! Whether you are new to audio or a seasoned professional, creating broadcast quality audio for your podcast or online content is paramount. It needs to be simple, affordable, and let you focus on the content, whether streaming live or packaging for download. And that’s exactly what our range of high fidelity interfaces, mixers and processing tools let you do.

In the Mix

The professional compact, analogue SiX mixer is ideal for bringing your audio content to life. Add multiple mic inputs, insert a Skype feed, control gain and EQ and then use the legendary SSL Bus Compressor to add real broadcast quality. It really is that easy.

Packaging your production

With the latest SSL 2 and SSL 2+ professional production interfaces, your recordings are in safe hands. Based on studio grade technology, these audio interfaces along with their exclusive production software pack with SSL Native plug-ins, provide all the tools to record, edit, tweak and deliver pristine audio.

If you are using a computer-based DAW and want the SSL sound, our Native plug-ins provide the precision, advanced feature set and legendary tonal characteristics of SSL audio products in affordable plug-in form. With a core selection of FX processors including EQ's and compressors based on our hit-making console technology, everyone can add that sparkle and polish to their digital recordings.

Podcasts made simple

In this introduction video, we show you how to connect up and use our professional SiX mixer for intuitive high quality podcast and webcast production. With a wealth of features packed into a compact format, SiX will help you create amazing content.


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