System T is a completely unique broadcast audio production platform. Its AoIP native backbone, ahead-of-the-curve feature set and absolute programming agility offer a compelling mix of scalability and technology - equipped for boundary pushing NGA broadcasts, unpredictable event space audio and entertainment programming or making your news & sports broadcast stand out from the competition. The System T webinar sessions offer you the opportunity to be guided through the System T production platform by SSL's AoIP broadcast experts, where they will outline the underlying technology, dispel myths regarding AoIP and its current capabilities and get you more acquainted with the most advanced broadcast audio production platform currently available.

It doesn't have to hurt when you IP

Any technology transition in a commercial facility is full of challenges, especially when dealing with new technologies and ever evolving production requirements. SSL's AoIP experts are here to provide the insight and guidance to help you reach a future-proof, scalable and dependable production platform which integrates with your wider production infrastructure in stages, or as part of a complete facility overhaul. 

Webinar Overview 

System T webinars consist of two sessions, split across two days and offer live Q&A throughout. Part 1 focuses on an introduction to AoIP and System T technologies, with part 2 looking at configuration and operation. Each session last on average 2 hours. 

Part 1

Introduction to Audio over IP for broadcast audio production.
AoIP -Guest Presenter Thomas Jensen

System T is a unique truly networked high capacity Broadcast Audio Production tool. This webinar will start by outlining the underlying technology to help understand the system fundamentals. These elements include the Tempest engine (Multicore CPU based processing), The Control surfaces and operator interface and then networks and the IO systems that go with them. The session will conclude with the beginnings of system operation and some of the unique tools offered in this environment.

System T – Three Building Blocks

  • 1 - The Tempest Platform
  • 2 - Control Surfaces
  • 3 - Network IO

System T Power user features

  • Immersive Audio
  • Automixer
  • Internal FX Rack (T-SOLSA)
  • Signal Switcher
  • DAW Control
  • Dynamic Automation

Part 2

Operational and configuration overview.

Part 2 picks up from system operation and focuses on how you drive System T.  we will then delve deeper into the system configuration and power user features that allow a truly flexible system design and operation.

T-SOLSA Breakdown

  • Channel Page
  • Channel Detail
  • Routing
  • Console Configuration
  • Layer Manager
  • Automation
  • Events System
  • Path Live
  • Showfiles
  • Option menus

More information 

If you have any questions, would like to be sent SSL's most recent tech docs: 'Full Stack AoIP' or 'Entertainment Programming and Events'  or would like to arrange a consultation on specific production or infrastructure challenges you face, contact SSL's AoIP for broadcast specialists via the button below. 


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