Simply making you sound good in any touring environment

There’s an SSL Live console to cover all professional touring applications with features and options to help engineers deliver outstanding performances from stadiums to small music venues. Designed to be easy to get up and running, create off-line Showfiles with all your snapshots and configs ready for anything the road has to throw at you.

“The key feature of the console that I used the most was its sonic richness. It sounded so good it removed the necessity to add on any external signal processing” 

Jim Yakabuski 

Multiple consoles. One experience

The L650, L550 Plus, L450, L350 Plus, L200 Plus and L100 Plus offer the same immaculate, huge SSL sound, the same features, the same superb operator experience and can share the same Remote I/O. They vary in physical size and layout, processing power and cost but there are no hidden performance compromises – it’s that simple.

Live console overview

In just a few years SSL Live consoles have met widespread praise from many of the world’s leading live engineers working across the most demanding applications in touring, installation, House Of Worship and theater. As part of our live console training videos, we cover the features and workflows they use to get the job done.

In this video SSL live Product Specialist Sam Bath introduces you to the live console range, and why SSL live consoles offer unmatched sonic quality and workflow for live sound production.

Software Update V5.2

The latest SSL Live V5.2 software update introduces integrated control of ‘d&b Soundscape’ immersive loudspeaker system and enhanced ‘Rehearsal and Recorder’ functionality.

Available on all SSL Live console which update to V5.2, the new integrated Soundscape control can be activated on every input channel and stem to control key Soundscape Object parameters; XY Pan, Spread, En-Space Send, Delay Mode and Mapping Area from the channel detail view. The object-based control of soundscape and GUI design allows operators to manipulate multiple parameters simultaneously, which can then be stored and recalled from within the console’s showfile and scene memories.

Well connected

SSL Live consoles use MADI, our proprietary Blacklight II high bandwidth MADI, Dante, and our proprietary X-Light high bandwidth Dante, for audio distribution to a range of Stageboxes and converters. The result? An extremely flexible and robust distributed audio ecosystem for live sound reinforcement, recording and simultaneous broadcast.

Keeping it on the road

It’s not just about the features and sonic performance, our Live consoles are robust and backed up with support and after-hours services that many of today’s big tours rely on.

Integrated L-ISA Control

SSL Live consoles bring you the power and creativity of L-ISA directly from the console surface. L-ISA technology brings together innovative loudspeaker configurations and object-based mixing and processing tools, breaking new ground for live touring, theatre and fixed installation events.

Our collaboration with L-ISA, offers tightly integrated control of L-ISA immersive loudspeaker systems from any of our Live consoles. L-ISA sources can be associated with mono or stereo console Channels or Stems, providing full control of L-ISA Pan, Distance, Width, Elevation and Aux Send level for each source, plus L-ISA Master level control.

Watch the SSL Live V4.11 overview video to find out more. 


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