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Here you can find SSL Live certified training courses, on-line modules, off-line learning content and a range of educational tools covering the main aspect of SSL Live. Whether you’re a seasoned tour veteran looking to enhance your workflow and add that last 5% to your mix, or an engineer looking at the SSL Live platform for the first time, we have certified courses, modules and learning aids which give you the information and tools required to enhance your workflow or introduce you to some of the most advanced technology and superior sound quality available in live sound today.

SSL Live Certified Training 

The big one... Full SSL Live Certified Training. This ten hour certified training course is your opportunity to experience the advanced workflow and feature set of SSL Live and become certified in SSL Live technology. The 10 hour course is conducted over 2 days by SSL Live Product Specialist and live sound veteran, Fernando Guzman and includes all the information needed to guide you through building a mix-read show file. If you have any questions or would like more detail on any of the modules, live Q&A is offered throughout the course, making sure what you learn can be applied to your live sound productions and no questions are left unanswered. 

Upon completion of the 10 hours course you will be issued a SSL Live Certified certificate. 

The session is broken up into modules which include:

  • History of SSL 
  • Console Configuration 
  • I/O & Physical Connections
  • Show Files & Routing
  • Automation
  • FX Rack
  • MADI & Dante
  • What is Tempest

SOLSA Software

SSL Live certified training requires you to download SOLSA software (SSL Live online / offline software). The training is hands-on and SOLSA provides the software required for you to end the course with a ready-to-mix project.

You will need at least two different devices for this class: A computer to run SOLSA and a secondary device (phone or tablet is OK) to watch the class at the same time. If you have multiple displays on your computer this will also provide one screen to use SOLSA and second to watch the class. 

This is a PC based software, and you will require a 64bit processor and at least 8GB on RAM available.If you are an iOS user, Parallels will work just fine! Please ensure that you allocate at least 8GB on RAM for your Parallels partition. Windows 7 and up will be required, but Windows 10 is the best platform to install.To define the RAM to your Parallels partition, watch THIS video.

Upcoming Training Course 

Request a place at one of the session listed below. The name you submit will be printed on your SSL Live certified training certificate.

Classes are based on US EST (Eastern Standard Time)

English Classes:

Live Certified Training English (2 Day Course) 
Thursday 11th March 2021 - 13:00-18:00
Friday 12th March 2021 - 13:00-18:00
This ten hour certified training course is your opportunity to experience the advanced workflow and feature set of SSL Live and become certified in SSL Live technology.


Spanish Classes: (Referencia: Ciudad de Mexico 12:00 pm):

Entrenamiento Certificado Live  (2 dia curso) 
Jueves 4th Febrero 2021 - 13:00-18:00
Viernes 5th Febrero 2021 - 13:00-18:00


To join the SSL Live certified training course you will need to download an application called RingCentral Meetings. This is a free download and function almost identically to Zoom or Skype. 

SSL On-Line Modules

Bite-sized on-line modules featuring interactive Q&A sessions with the worlds top live sound engineers, technical modules focusing on specific feature sets and sessions covering everything from the history of SSL to why our SuperAnalogueTM technology is bringing superior sonic performance not only to touring, but event space and installed sound venues too.  

Upcoming On-Line Modules

Request a place at one of our On-Line session's listed below. 

Classes are based on US EST (Eastern Standard Time).

English Classes:

V4.11 Live Software Overview - English
Monday 8th February 2021 - 13:00-14:00

SSL History - Travel in Time with Phil Wagner
Tuesday 16th February 2021- 14:00-15:00

Touring Tales Chapter 7 - Immersive Audio: The next step in evolution
Friday 19th February 2021- 14:00 - 15:00

Integrating Dante into a MADI world for SSL Live - English
Monday 22nd February 2021 - 13:00-15:00

V4.11 Live Software Overview - English
Wednesday 24th February 2021- 13:00-14:00

Spanish Classes (Referencia: Ciudad de Mexico 12:00 pm):

V4.11 Nuevo software Live - Spanish
Lunes 8 de Febrero 2021 - 13:00-14:00

Historia SSL - Un viaje en el tiempo con Max Noach
Martes 16 de Febrero 2021 - 16:00- 17:00

Historias desde el Tour Capitulo 7 - Audio inmersivo: El siguiente paso evolutivo
Viernes 19th Febrero 2021 - 16:00-17:00

Integrando Dante al mundo MADI de SSL Live - Spanish
Lunes 22 De Febrero 2021 - 16:00-18:00

V4.11 Nuevo software Live - Spanish
Miércoles 24 de Febrero - 15:00-16:00

Off-line modules 

Learn about SSL Live at your pace. SSL Live off-line learning modules provide an ideal solution if you are unable to attend the 8 hour SSL Live certified course or would like to prepare for it in the best way possible. In these bite-size modules, SSL Live Produce Specialist, Sam Bath guides you through the key components of SSL Live. Check back for regular updates as we add more modules. 


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