Tools of the industry 

If you are a student, educator or industry professional, you know having the right tools for the job is vital to success. SSL studio training provides the resources for students to learn about the studio technology that top-flight professionals rely on, and ultimately help you to prepare for a career in the industry. 


Live video streaming from industry professionals with interactive Q&A, bite size off-line modules, product overviews, video content and interviews with some of the most recognized engineers / producers in the industry, Solid State Logic offer students a range of courses and content to get a great start in the professional audio world.


Learning aids, cases studies and access to real industry knowledge are some of the ways in which Solid State Logic can support you and your students on their path to success. We don’t just see value in nurturing new talent, it is pivotal to the continued success of the industry, which is why we have created comprehensive learning aids to accompany live streams and on-line webinars. Get in-touch with an SSL education specialist to find out more or arrange a session for your class. 

Industry standard

SSL’s large-format consoles are widely considered the industry standard, with AWS and duality delta pushing the boundaries of sonic performance and DAW integration. Many of the features in your DAW or favourtie plug-in first came to life on an SSL console and we continue to develop features and workflows which engineers and producers come to rely on for their craft.

Learning aids

To accompany live stream video, a series of learning aids are available. Contact an SSL education specialist for more information.  

Select one of the tabs below and access a selection of SSL educational content. If you have logged-on to attend a live stream, click the 'Live Video stream' tab below to watch the video. Previously live streamed videos are available to watch again in off-line Learning section.  Webinar sessions can be found under 'Product Overviews' tab. 

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A selection of video content covering everything SSL. From interviews with the world’s top engineers and producers, to product walk thoughts and technology deep-dives covering industry-standards, like the duality mixing console. We having video content for all levels of aspiring engineer / producer, guiding you from how to read the metering on SiX, to the advance automation features found in delta control - there is something for everyone. 

Case Studies 

A range of cases studies are available highlighting the latest studio technologies and workflows, and offer insight into the recording industry from a number of the worlds top engineers, producers, studio owners and artists:

Solid State Logic’s global team of studio experts are running a series of live webinars, talking you through the heavily considered feature set and workflow of SSL studio production tools. We have sessions covering Duality, ORIGIN and Matrix2 as well as SiX, Fusion and SSL 2 / SSL 2+ interfaces.

Select a session by clicking a link below:

Music and Audio Creation Products

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Small-format mixing consoles 

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Large-format mixing consoles 

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